Best Cinematography and Film Production Colleges

The best schools in the United States for Cinematography and Film Production focus on cinematography, film work and the various aspects of the film industry as it relates to television, movie and other film productions. A degree from one of these top ten schools can help the student to secure a position in the film industry but is certainly not a guarantee of success.

The degree programs offered by New York University in New York City include both graduate and undergraduate degree programs at the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film and Television. Special programs and non-credit certificates are also offered at NYU.

University of Southern California Los Angeles offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree programs through their school of cinematic arts. They also offer minor degrees and additional programs to compliment a degree.

A bachelor’s degree and master’s degree are part of the degree programs offered at American University in Washington, D.C. These degree programs are specifically aimed for film and video production or just film and video.

The programs offered by The American Film Institute (AFI) include a variety of programs that are not degree centered. AFI has programs that benefit not only students of the arts but also those working currently in the industry. AFI has strict application standards and researching this institute thoroughly is necessary for the student’s success.

California Institute of the Arts offers a bachelor’s of fine arts degree as well as a master’s of fine arts degree in the areas of film and video, directing and animation.

A bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and a master’s of fine arts degree are available through the Columbia University School of the Arts. Similar to other universities, Columbia holds a film festival showcasing their students’ work.

The degree program offered by The North Carolina School of the Arts is a bachelor’s of fine arts in film making and includes work in cinematography, directing and producing.

A bachelor’s degree and master’s degree are part of the programs offered at San Francisco State University. The student pursuing a degree here can attain a bachelor’s or master’s degree in cinema or they can obtain a master’s of fine arts in cinema studies.

Film Study at the University of Texas at Austin provides students with both a bachelor’s program and a master’s of fine arts program in production and screenwriting.

The University of California, Los Angeles is know for its degree programs in film, television and digital media with emphasis in the area the student would like to focus. UCLA offers both undergraduate and graduate programs including a doctorate program in cinema and media studies.

Having a degree in film can give an advantage to a student seeking a job however to use that edge to the best advantage be sure that the degree comes from a school that is taken seriously like these top ten schools. Primary qualifications for being a top school include the length of time the school has been around, the actual achievements and experience of the professors and the credentials the school has to offer. It’s important to note previous student success as this is a fair indicator of how well the school achieves its results.

Pursuing a degree in cinematography and film production can be a rewarding and successful career if the student has dedication, done their research and possesses the right talent and skills.

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