Benedictine University Online Review

Benedictine University was first founded in 1887. It has a rich tradition in the Catholic religion. Benedictine is another brick and mortar university that has realized the market for online learning. Since it allows students to attend from wherever there are and at whatever time they please it has become the best option for working adults.

Benedictine University Online PROGRAMS AND DEGREES OFFERED

Benedictine offers bachelors, masters and one doctorate degree online. The bachelors degrees offered are in management and organizational leadership. There are many more options for those seeking a masters degree. These degrees are offered in: business administration with a concentration in accounting, entrepreneurship and managing innovation, finance, marketing, internationalize business or health care administration, management and organizational behavior, public health with concentrations available in administration of health care institutions, disaster management, health policy or health education, education, and nursing. The doctorate offered is in education.

Benedictine University Online ACCREDITATION

Benedictine University is accredited regionally by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Benedictine University Online  TUITION AND FINANCIAL AID

The tuition for Benedictine University depends on the degree you seek. For a Bachelors degree the cost for your first 60 hours is $355 per credit hour. After 60 hours, the cost is $525 per credit hour. A Masters degree will cost $490 per credit hour. The Doctorate Degree in Education will cost $750 per credit hour. Financial Aid is available through completion of the FAFSA. The financial advisors at Benedictine University are also available to discuss other options such as scholarships.


As with any school there are students who are satisfied and those who have complaints against the school. Students reported that they had dependable instructors who were ready to help at any point they could. They also enjoyed the small class sizes online. The most common complaint was regarding financial aid. Many students felt cheated out of scholarships that they assumed they would receive. However, scholarships are limited so no student should automatically count them as part of their finances.

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