Becoming a Registered Nurse

Definition of a registered nurse, is a professional health care provider with a degree in nursing, able to implement all levels of nursing care. They educate people on a wide variety of medical conditions, and they give emotional support and advice to patients’ families.

Educational requirements to become a registered nurse there are four areas to consider here. Consider your future first. Once deciding on where you want to be in the future you can then decide to what degree of schooling you should choose. To become a registered nurse you have, an associates degree or a diploma, which is two years , you have a masters degree, which is four years or you have a bachelors of science degree. You must also pass a national licensing examination.

Do you have the skills to become a registered nurse, you must have a sympathetic disposition, be emotionally stable, able to observe and make accurate decisions, must have exceptional communication skills, be able to work as a team, supervise others and have the desire to help others.

There are many advancements available for a registered nurse such as management, head nurse, nurse anesthetists, and nurse practitioners just to name a few.
The average salary for a registered nurse starting out in the United States is around $66,220 which increases considerably with length of time, experience and education advancement. This is also dependent on what type of facility you work in and where you live. With the advancement in education and areas of specialty, the pay scale differs considerably. It is one of the fastest growing occupations of any other field.

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