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What is a Bank Teller?

A bank teller is an individual who works for the bank and deals directly with the customers in handling routine banking transactions, including deposits, withdrawals, and balances. Tellers have their own window or booth and are generally assigned to their own cash drawer. In order to make sure that the tellers are able to handle their drawer, the totals are balanced out at the end of the day to verify that they match with the transactions.

Educational Requirements

The educational requirements for becoming a bank teller are minimal and include a high school diploma and ability to perform basic math operations. In order to have the best job opportunities available, it’s best to have some form of college training or a bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, or liberal arts. Once hired into a position, on-the-job training will become the most important part of the career and will help shape the path for future job positions.

Skills Necessary

In order to flourish as a bank teller, it’s important to have excellent customer service skills, patience, an eye for detail, and organizational skills. Bank tellers are the face of the bank, which means they represent how the bank operates and treats its customers. When working with cash and important documents, bank tellers must also be extremely attentive and keep an eye out for discrepancies or uneven balances. Bank tellers also work under fast-paced conditions, which means it’s important to stay calm, multi-task, and handle customer concerns all without jeopardizing accuracy.

Job and Career Outlook

Although the banking industry is expected to grow, bank teller positions are not. With the addition of online banking services and ATM machines, many teller positions have already been replaced with this technology. On a good note, many banks are delving into the world of sales and are offering a wide variety of financial products to their customers. It is these positions that will still be available for bank tellers and the reason why this profession is expected to grow slowly through 2014. In general, bank tellers make an average of $26,260 a year.

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