Becoming a Photographer

A photographer is a professional artist that captures moments or events with a camera. The different types of photographer are landscape, portrait, media, and photojournalist. A landscape photographer takes professional pictures of scenery. A portrait photographer captures individuals in a professional setting such as weddings. A media photographer is a person who takes pictures for commercial advertising. Photojournalists devote their lives to photographing anything used for the news industry.

No formal training is required to become a professional photographer. Several colleges offer Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degrees of Photography but most photography jobs do not require degrees. Photographers are usually responsible to have their own equipment and to learn to use the equipment properly. Most professional photographers use digital cameras. Other equipment used by photographers includes tripods, flashes, lighting equipment, filters, and lens. Computer software is also essential in processing the photos once the pictures have been taken.

Photographers are paid for their work in different ways depending on the professional genre. Wedding photographer can charge two to five thousand dollars per wedding. Media photographers are normally paid per photo depending on the task or coverage. Landscape photographers sell their photography printed and framed. Photographers can also sell “stock photos” royalty-free photos used in the media and Internet.

Because most photographers are freelance or self-employed, becoming successful depends on self-promotion. Developing a portfolio of photos will show clients the professionalism and dedication the photographer has for the craft. Using the best photos will display the photos as art.

To have a successful career, photographers must have the knowledge of the equipment they are using then develop their artistic ability to capture the moment. The education needed to be a professional photographer can be an easy as reading the instruction manual that comes with the equipment or taking free and fee tutorials on the Internet.The average salary of a successful photographer is $29,280 per year.

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