8 TV-Show-to-Movie-Remakes We Want to See

Two options: all of the good jokes are in the 21 Jump Street trailer, or this movie is gonna be off the hook. And with Channing Tatum as one half of the main characters, you really just can't tell until you see it. Good news for you: 21 Jump Street hits theaters nationwide today. Some of you are heading to the movies tonight (…right now? Mmm, better wait until tonight, as there's a greater than small chance that you're reading this at work from a cubicle right now) to see the '80s television hit come to big screen life.

Others continue to hold out hope that the Arrested Development movie is a real thing, and not just one big cruel Hollywood prank designed to get your hopes up, and then dash them — thereby exposing you as a crippled shell of a person, easily swayed by publicists, hopeful bloggers, the general drudgery of the inevitable hangover of hype, and AFF panels. Were you hoping that 21st century Jump Street would've been canned as a comedy, yet revived as a television drama? Are you curious as to exactly how the series will translate into an R-rated comedy? Do you care, at all? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, how about a look at this trailer for 21 Jump Street (below) and a quick read-through of the eight TV-show-to-movie remakes that we want to see? Have a peek. What's the harm?

  1. The Sopranos

    Did Tony die? Did he die? It's been five years since The Sopranos went off the air, and premium cable channels (as well as AMC) everywhere are still reaping the fruits of this game-changing series. The HBO drama featured the daily life of a New Jersey waste management consultant (read: mob boss) — replete with wise guys, Juicy Couture sweatsuits, strippers, drugs, therapists, and bloodbaths galore — and forever changed the quality and structure of what everyone now considers to be "good TV." What the boob tube lost with Mr. Soprano, the silver screen could more than make up for. Everyone's ready to see some more New Jersey hijinks — but this time in digital HD.
    Bonus: If Tony did end up getting shot and killed, there's definitely a wisecracking screwball dramedy to be made cataloging the aftermath and inevitable passage on (and the cockamamie screwing up) of Tony's mafia empire to his son, A.J.

  2. Sports Night

    Joshua Malina is too busy tweeting about all things Jewish and juvenile; get the man some coke bottle glasses, and let's see Sports Night the way it was meant to be seen. One of the top three most well-written television shows of all time, cult favorite Sports Night barely outlasted its ill-placed laugh track during its run on the air. And as long as Oscar-winning writer Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network) still loves baseball and hates soccer, there's no reason that there shouldn't be at least two and a half hours worth of Sports Night left in him for the world to see. While behind-the-scenes-of-a-television-show television shows have been mastered with the quippy and quotable 30 Rock, this early A-plus gem for Sorkin could easily be morphed into a big-budget ensemble piece. Let's see Jeremy go to some Mets games; let's see Sally actually look 19 feet tall. I say yet again: let's see Sports Night the way it was meant to be seen — in its entirety.

  3. Another X-Files Movie

    Another X-Files movie? Who wants another X-Files movie? Isn't there already one of those? Didn't I go see that 15 years ago? Wasn't there something about a giant beehive? Wait, you say. There were — yes, that's right! There were not one but two X-Files movies! So what about The X-Files: I Want to Believe, you ask? Isn't that enough of an X-Files movie franchise for even the most reasonable of people? Well, sure, but that came out in 2008, and no one saw it, save for O.G. (yes, that's "original gangsta") X-Files fans and their weird nerd kids that they had to force to accompany them to the movies that night because none of their adult friends would go with them. What about those that said, "Eh, I'll just wait for Netflix." — and then never queued it up? Hollywood will answer these and all questions, and hopefully in due time. The people have spoken. They want another X-Files movie. Oh, but they'll settle for Californication.

  4. The Walking Dead

    Three things that never get old: post-apocalyptic movies, zombie movies, and comic book movies. As such, fan favorite The Walking Dead is ripe to be made into a movie. Horror, action, drama, sex, and zombies — what more could you want? Even though World War Z is due to be released in 2012, and everyone's super excited to see it (pro tip: read the book — it totally rocks), there's really no denying that the market for comic book-y, brain-eating pseudoscientific flicks is anywhere near saturated.

  5. Doctor Who

    Hey, Hollywood. Don't be TARDIS to the party. It's been a BBC series for the better part of 50 years, and every nerd you know is going gaga over Doctor Who. Isn't it about time that the classic blue police booth be brought to the big leagues? And it's all been such a tease. In 2011, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows director David Yates announced that he was planning a Doctor Who film. But, like Arrested Development and countless nerdgasms-turned-letdowns before that, the rumor proved to be just that.

  6. Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

    Submitted for the approval of The Midnight Society, I call this story: The Tale of A Movie That Shall Never Be.
    It'll be Halloween again before you know it, but we'd bet that most self-respecting '90s kids would be down for an Are You Afraid of the Dark? movie any time of year. This classic Nickelodeon TV show told some scary stories, and spooked tweens (back when they were still called pre-teens) aplenty with its dark tales from the about-three-hours-too-early named Midnight Society. Whether it was campy black magic, pool monsters, or crazy Fun House clowns, Are You Afraid of the Dark? chilled and thrilled an entire generation with its ghastly ghost stories. Think about it for a moment, though. Doesn't it sound perfect? Short vignettes for the attention deficit generation. Countless opportunities for cameos (Bruce Campbell, please). A plethora of young, marginally talented Hollywood stars chomping at the bit for roles that expose them. AYAOTD-themed gear. No way would we be afraid! We'd delight in the Dark.

  7. Archer

    South Park did it. Aqua Teen Hunger Force did it. And there's no denying that the world needs more Archer. If you're not already watching the animated spy show (with a twist), you should be — and if you're well acquainted, you know exactly what we mean. Famous voices and pithy one-liners just scratch the surface of the brilliance of the over-the-top cartoon, and we personally think that it could give the James Bond franchise a run for its money, if not handily replacing it altogether. And if you're still waiting for that Arrested Development movie, an Archer film might pacify you. For now.

  8. House

    Everyone's favorite fake American and dystopian dream doctor should grace the silver screen, if only because the world can always use another Sherlock Holmes. Move over, Robert Downey Jr. Not so fast, Jude Law. The brilliant, cantankerous, addicted Dr. House (a role absolutely crushed by the genius-level acting prowess of Britain's Hugh Laurie) is what we really want to see when we play hooky from work on a Monday to see a midday matinee. If the show were morphed for the long-form talkies, old characters and new should come out of the woodwork — fleshing out the good doctor's universe beyond the confines of his hospital, and the formulaic show. It's high time for Dr. House to go all Enter the Void on everybody, or to save humanity from whatever virus infected those zombies in the Walking Dead movie. When you start off with cool graphics and a Massive Attack song, you're sure to bring down the, um, House.

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