8 Insane Mad Men Moments You Probably Forgot About

zencollegelife.com-8 Insane Mad Men Moments You Probably Forgot AboutMad Men fans everywhere learned the value of patience as they waited almost a year and a half for the newest season of the '60s-based drama to start. And now the wait is finally over. Season five begins Sunday with a two-hour premiere that will hopefully tie up some loose ends from season four … if you can even remember any of the story lines. As a refresher, here are the most insane moments in the show's history that will remind you why you love this show and get you caught up in time to start the fifth season. There are definitely spoilers in this article, but come on, people; you had 17 months to get up to date. If it was enough time for January Jones to get pregnant and have a six-month-old by now, it was definitely plenty of time for you to have watched all four seasons.

  1. The lawnmower incident

    This is a scene that occasionally slips to the back of your mind when thinking of Mad Men, but you can never truly forget it. It was a shocking and gruesome moment in a show that typically relies on sex and '60s ignorance to surprise viewers, and it took the drama to a whole new level. In the midst of a takeover by a British firm in season three, Sterling Cooper had landed the John Deere account and brought in a riding lawnmower to begin working on the ads. Of course, the lawnmower was still there during an office party, so a tipsy secretary decided to drive it (with the blades on, of course) and ran over a man's foot. The scene itself is horrifically awesome and it moved the plot along because the British agency could no longer replace Lane Pryce with the footless guy.

  2. Don Draper's true identity

    Don Draper is such a central character that it's easy to forget that he's not really Don Draper. Our Don, as we found out toward the end of the first season, is actually Dick Whitman, who was born to a prostitute and took the identity of the real Don Draper, a man who fought with Dick and was killed in the Korean War. Even more bananas is the fact that Real Don Draper's wife, Anna, lets New Don Draper live as her husband until he meets Betty and Anna grants him a divorce. Anna Draper seems to be the one person our Don really connects with in the show, as he continues to support her financially and is sincerely devastated by her death from cancer in season four.

  3. Peggy has Pete Campbell's baby

    There's always a fair amount of sexual tension when Pete and Peggy are in the same room, and in the season one finale, we learned that they have an even more uncomfortable connection: a secret child. No one knew the female secretary-turned-copywriter was pregnant, but she gave birth to a baby boy (and consequently ended up in a psych ward for a time). In season two, she tells Pete about their son and that she gave him up for adoption, though it seems her sister might be raising him as her own. The two don't seem to think of the baby much after that, though it's clearly on Peggy's mind in season four when Pete announces he and his wife are expecting. She gave birth to a girl before the season ended.

  4. Roger Sterling entertains in blackface

    In a startling show of pre-Civil Rights entertainment, Roger serenades his young wife during a backyard party while in blackface. This kind of minstrel show is considered seriously offensive today, because it typically mocks black people as being dumb, lazy, and superstitious, but that apparently wasn't the case in the 1960s. Roger's party is a time for Don to confront him about the foolish choices he's making (or use that to disguise his jealousy of Roger's happiness) and the blackface number seems to be a brilliant example of his oddly disquieting gaiety.

  5. Freddy Rumsen pees his pants

    Good old Freddy Rumsen. He worked for Roger's dad and really helped Peggy get her start in copywriting. Oh, and he enjoys a good drink, or at least he did until that fateful day when he just had too much. Before a huge meeting with a big potential client, Freddy pees himself without even noticing, then passes out at his desk. Unsurprisingly, he was fired from Sterling Cooper. He gets sober at AA, and becomes a copywriter at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce after bringing them an account in season four. We'll see if Freddy can stay on the wagon; Duck Phillips certainly couldn't.

  6. Joan's decision not to have an abortion

    OK, this doesn't seem totally crazy. The woman had been trying to have a baby with her husband for the better part of a season, but it was definitely a plot twist as the pregnancy came after Joan slept with Roger (on the street, mind you) after a mugging in the fourth season. She had implied that she was going to have a "procedure," but we found out in the finale that she hadn't gone through with it. There's no doubt it will provide the fodder for many more insane moments during season five as we find out if anyone in her life is smart enough to figure out who the father really is. Let's not forget that her husband was on his way to Vietnam when the baby was conceived and is likely going to still be in Vietnam, be killed in Vietnam, or at least return home with some serious issues. There's no way PTSD and Roger Sterling's baby mama won't provide some major drama.

  7. The secretary dies … at her desk

    Ida Blankenship, even with her brief tenure as Don's secretary, provided lots of comic relief with her incompetence and tendency to take all orders literally. She was a welcome break from the parade of young, pretty secretaries who normally manned the desk and often ended up in the bed of Don or some other executive. Her demise was equally refreshing and entertaining. She looks like she's sleeping, and Peggy nudges her to wake her, making her bang her head onto the desk. The secretaries have to figure out how to get her out of the office without the important clients in the conference room noticing. It's a little bit zany, but ultimately paves the way for our next insane moment. (Image courtesy Dan Sai.)

  8. Don gets engaged

    After the untimely death of Miss Blankenship, Megan becomes Don's secretary and he takes her with him to Disneyland to help care for the children. By the end of the season four finale, he has proposed to her with Real Don Draper's engagement ring and she, of course, accepts. Admit it: you didn't see that one coming. The normally stern and distant Don became a lovestruck teenager in that last installment, so it's hard to imagine how he'll act in the season five premiere with his former secretary, current fiancée.

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