50 Top Personal Finance Blogs


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Managing personal finances has been a difficult concept for many who have been negatively affected by the Great Recession. If you find yourself in this position, you may benefit from the helpful advice and financial tips you could receive from the following popular personal finance blogs.


Business Blogs

The following blogs are great reads for people who are looking to manage finances within the business realm.

1. All Business – This blog focuses on providing financial advice to the person looking to get their small business going.

2. Digerati Life – Check out the latest tips for entrepreneurs, small business owners and individuals on stock investments, budgeting and more from Silicon Valley.


For Women from Women

Are you a woman who is proudly managing her personal finances in this tough recession? Well, join the ranks of these women who are making money management work to their advantage.

3. Budgeting Babe – If you’ve ever had Carrie Bradshaw ambitions, but not her budget, this blog will connect you all the glam you can muster with a not-so-glamorous budget.

4. City Girl’s Financial Blog – Ambitions of financial freedom may just become a reality if you follow this city girl through her personal finance plans that span 30 years.

5. Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge – Now that she’s growing older and getting more serious about financial success, the blogger for this site hopes to take us all on the journey with her.


Dollar Saving and Freebies

If you’re in a penny-pinching kind of mood or are looking for some great freebies, these blogs could help you meet your goals.

6. Binary Dollar – Have you been looking for a personal finance for dummies type blog? Well you’ve reached the right place.

7. Cents to Save – This blogger takes time to share her journey toward improving her financial knowledge. You never know, you may learn something on her journey too.

8. Frugal Freebies – Get your hands on a ton of great freebies from the U.S., Canada and other countries around the world.

9. Hey, It’s Free – There’s nothing better than getting your hands on a ton of information for freebies like movie rentals and magazines.

10. My Two Dollars – Learn about saving every dollar from this married male blogger who delves into being frugal and making financial sacrifices.

11. QueerCents – Fantastic dollar-saving advice from a group of gay and lesbian bloggers.


General Financial Advice

Some blogs are dedicated to all-things finance. Here are some that incorporate personal finance with other aspects of saving or growing money.

12. Cash Money Life – How to get your personal finances and career on track to build money the way you’d prefer.

13. Finance News Today – Take advantage of the great financial tips and updated financial news offered by this blog.

14. Hill’s Personal Finance – This blog encompasses pretty much everything you want to know about finances, including investing, mortgages, estates, financial planning and interest-bearing bank accounts.

15. My Financial Journey – Explore this blog that documents a software developer’s goal of building a $100,000 investment portfolio by the age of 30.

16. Steadfast Finances – Financial information including current events, consumer education, ways to improve your bottom line and more.

17. The Financial Journey – Learn about saving, spending, investing, bargain hunting and more from the 20-something computer analyst who pens this blog.

18. The Financial Ladder – A married couple gets together to discuss the details of their financial progress while also offering tips on taxes and how poverty mindedness cannot equal wealth.


Getting Rich

Becoming a millionaire may not be on your agenda now, but with the help of these blogs, you may be able to improve your bottom line or even get rich.

19. 1st Million at 33 – Learn how this blogger was able to make $1 million by 33-years-old by saving, investing and more. Also, take advantage of great financial tips to manage in this tough economy.

20. 2 Million – If you want to make money, you should set your goals high. This is the idea behind this blog that offers advice on how to make the $2 million mark.

21. Enough Wealth – This blogger lost half a million in the stock market in less than 12 months. Learn how not to repeat this mistake and instead make good decisions toward becoming wealthy.

22. To One Million and Beyond – Follow the journey with this blogger as he takes steps toward getting $1 million by his 35th birthday. Also, enjoy other great financial tips on how to grow money.


Managing Money, Debt, Credit and More

If you want to make sure you do a good job managing your money, or haven’t done a great job and want to make some improvements, take time to explore these blogs.

23. Blogging Away Debt – This blog is all about earning enough revenue to pay off debt. If only we were all so clever.

24. Credit Cave – If you’re looking for solid tips on how to dig your way out of debt, this is a great blog for you.

25. Debt Hater – This medical journalist has managed to get out of debt, now it’s time to help others do the same.

26. Debt Kid – There’s nothing like a person hitting rock bottom to help others avoid doing the same. If you feel you’re close to your own bottom, visiting this site is a good idea.

27. Debtective – Inspired by Dave Ramsey, this blog helps people look for clues to dig themselves out of debt.

28. Don’t Mess With Taxes – Paying taxes is a bummer as we all know, but this blog explores why avoiding them is a no-no and looks at who you can instead pay them without going broke.

29. Five Cent Nickel – Learn how to save some money while taking advantage of great banking, mortgage, insurance and credit card rates.

30. Frugal Dad – This blog is an absolute favorite among bloggers who want to sidestep financial errors and instead make the right choices managing their money.

31. Make Love Not Debt – While this blog covers a lot of topics, it places a focus on getting out of debt.

32. Man vs. Debt – Explore the struggles this blogger had when attempting to get out of debt. Since he uses humor to tell his tales, this makes for an interesting read.

33. Mighty Bargain Hunter – If you’re looking for advice on saving money, this is a great blog for you.

34. No Credit Needed – While it’s hard to go without having credit, this blog offers tips for not overusing it.

35. The Savvy Saver – This blog is all about saving money to maintain your own personal prosperity.

36. Tired of Being Broke – Check out this blogger who is pushing to get out of debt by age 30.


Ultra Popular Blogs

Calling these blogs ultra popular should by no means undermine their greatness. The reason they’re so well-received is due to the wealth of information they provide.

37. Bargain Briana – Finding the best bargains on the Internet can be really exciting, especially when some else finds them for you.

38. Bargaineering – If you’re looking for personal finance tips like the best checking and savings accounts, where to find great rates on credit cards and more, this is the blog for you.

39. Consumerist – The Consumerist is possibly the most popular personal finance blog on the Internet thanks to its mission to make sure consumers get the long end of the stick when spending their money.

40. Get Rich Slowly – Gather a wealth of information on personal finance from this popular blog.

41. I Will Teach You to be Rich – Ramit Sethi, New York Times best-selling author and Stanford graduate, blogs about personal finance topics related to his book I Will Teach You to be Rich.

42. Money Saving Mom – The mission of this popular blog is to help readers become better home economists by offering coupons, bargains and more.

43. Moolanomy – If you’re interested in really saving your money, this blog should be one of your first stops as it offers all kinds of great tips including having your own “no-spend weekend.”

44. The Motley Fool – This incredibly popular site was created for individuals looking to increase their personal finances by investing, even with little knowledge of how to invest.

45. The Simple Dollar – This blog is great for the everyday person looking to cut corners to produce a great budget.

46. Wise Bread – If you’re living on a small budget, this blog will help you spend your “bread” as wisely as possible.


Stocks and Investing

If you’re looking to grow your money responsibly then take advantage of these blogs that focus on learning how to invest the right way.

47. Live Learn Invest – Learn to use investing as a backup revenue source.

48. ETF Trends – This blog keeps up with the exchange traded fund industry.

49. The Corner Office – Great blog on business, personal finance, investing and more.

50. Vinvesting – Learn about value investing and how to get involved in stocks and real estate.