50 Top Legal Blogs


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There are a ton of folks online giving their two cents regarding legal topics, but how many are actually offering some good info? If you’re not sure then take a look at this list of legal blogs that grab readers’ attention based on knowledge, humor or a little of both.

Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement and the Courtroom

Whether you’re interested in criminal justice, the world of law enforcement or what’s going on in the courtroom, these blogs will have a little (or a lot) of what you’re looking for.

1. Cop in the Hood – Interesting blog that looks at being a cop from the perspective of a sociologist turned policeman in a tough Baltimore neighborhood.

2. Crime & Consequences – This blog takes a look at the criminal justice process and the legal consequences that come from breaking the law.

3. Defending People – Blog about the art and science of being a criminal defense trial lawyer. For lawyers but open to everyone.

4. Kramm Court Reporting Blog – Good place to visit if you’re interested in the process of courtroom reporting. Maintained by court reporting agency in San Diego.

5. New York Court Reporters Blog – Professional development tips and additional information on court reporting jobs.

6. Psychology and Crime News – If you’re interested in what it takes to become a forensic scientist (or improve as one) this is the blog for you.

7. Say What?! – Nothing like a little comedy to lighten up the legal process. If you like humor, you’ll love this funny blog that offers insight from U.S. District Judge Jerry Buchmeyer.

8. SCOTUSblog – This blog is great for those who are interested in knowing everything that’s going on with the U.S. Supreme Court.

9. Sentencing Law and Policy – Take time to explore how the sentencing process works and also take advantage of other aspects of related policy.

10. Simple Justice – Explore the ins and outs of New York criminal defense.

11. TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime – If you want to delve into the politics of crime on a global scale, this is the blog for you.

Insight from Law Professionals

If you’re looking for insight from law professors, practicing lawyers or other experts who cover a variety of topics from a professional standpoint, these legal blogs are for you.

12. Concurring Opinions – Professors who contribute to this blog include some from George Washington University Law School and Seton Hall and their contributions are considered “general interest” covering a wide variety of legal topics.

13. Law Culture – Professors from Harvard, Princeton and Georgetown are just a few of the contributors to this blog that offers a wide range of legal stories ranging from popular culture to racism in the presidential campaign.

14. Lessig – Stanford Law School professor, Lawrence Lessig, offers his insight into various aspects of law, but mainly keeps a focus on the political state of technology and copyright issues in relation to the law.

15. Prawfsblawg – This blog consists of posts from seven professors representing seven different law schools. Their topics include civil procedure, the judicial process, law and politics, legal theory and more.

16. The Becker-Posner Blog – Experts Gary Becker and Richard Posner have come together to provide their expertise on a variety of topics, including unemployment, executive compensation and the airline industry.

17. The Volokh Conspiracy – Eugene Volokh, a popular UCLA professor, and other big names in the legal world offer this popular blog for folks looking for updated legal news.

Law School, Being a Law Student and Becoming a Lawyer

Whether you’re a law student, looking to get your first job as a lawyer or are a member of the faculty at a law school, these blogs will definitely keep your attention.

18. Center for Internet and Society – If you’re looking to round up Stanford Law blogs, this is the place to find them.

19. Harvard Law New Student Blog – This blog dedicated to potential and new students of Harvard Law School. However, it offers interesting reads for other HLS students and students of all law schools.

20. JD2B Blog – This blog is a part of JD2B.com, an online social network for law students. It hits on a variety of topics that probably hit home with most students pursuing their law degree.

21. LawSchoolBlogger.com – Looking for a distraction for your heavy law school workload? This law student can help make your day flow a little easier.

22. Law Student Blogs – Find some great posts from your favorite law student bloggers at this great site.

23. Lawyerist – The Lawyerist focuses on what it takes to become a lawyer as well as what is going on in the world of legal careers.

24. Legal Careers – This About.com blog is a great place for individuals who are looking to become lawyers and want to know more about the world of law.

25. Ms. JD – Calling all ladies! This blog is perfect for women who want career tips on becoming lawyers.

26. Wish I Would Have Known – Nothing like having an advice blog to tell you what you shouldn’t do before you do it. If you’re a current or soon-to-be law student, this blog is a must read.

27. Yale Law Library – Reference Blog – This blog, though coming from Yale professors and primarily directed toward Yale students, is a great legal reference for all law students.

Legal Theory

Here are some blogs dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends and ideas in the world of law.

28. Empirical Legal Studies – Looking for empirical methodologies and legal theory? If you want this as well as some news from legal empiricists, this is a great blog to explore.

29. Legal Ethics Forum – Find hard-hitting societal issues as they pertain to ethics and law.

30. Legal Theory Blog – Lawrence B. Solum, professor of law and philosophy at the University of Illinois, maintains the blog on legal theory topics and more.

31. Mirror of Justice – This blog tackles legal theory from a Catholic point of view.

32. Overlawyered – Often described as the oldest law blog in existence, it explores the theories behind litigation and the American legal system.

Miscellaneous/Catchall Blogs

Looking for a ton of blogs in one place, or don’t know what you’re looking for at all? These blogs are for you.

33. Above the Law – It’s always great to have a distraction to your difficult legal day, something this “legal tabloid” is happy to offer.

34. American Constitution Society – If you’re into promoting the vitality of the U.S. Constitution and the fundamental values it expresses, this blog is for you.

35. beSpacific – Find law and technology news updated daily.

36. Blawg Dictionary – Enjoy this comprehensive directory of law blogs provided by the American Bar Association.

37. Blawg.com – This blog is popular for its interactive blog map that helps you find up-to-date postings from around the web.

38. Inter Alia – Explore every topic imaginable by visiting this blog. It is what some would consider the epitome of informative legal weblogs.

39. Law21 – If you’re looking for a blog that analyzes trends in the legal world, this is the right one for you.

40. Law Professor Blog – Find a blog from your favorite professor by using the search option on this helpful blogroll.

41. myHq blawgs – Looking for a complete list of legal blogs? Taking advantage of this giant blogroll organized by category is a great idea.

42. Wall Street Journal Blog – If you love WSJ then you’ll enjoy its law blog, which focuses on cases and trends in the legal world.

Paralegal Topics

If you work as a paralegal, or are interested in becoming a paralegal, these blogs are for you.

43. New York Paralegal Blog – Find the latest news on being a paralegal, as well as tips on ways to improve your career.

44. Practical Paralegalism – Learn the ins and outs of having a paralegal career.

Specific Law Topics

These blogs focus on specific types of law, many of which are written by law professors or professionals in the field.

45. Bankruptcy Law Network – Bankruptcy lawyers and consumer advocates offering bankruptcy news and information daily.

46. Election Law Blog – Election law (voter’s rights, redistricting and campaign finance) is the main focus of this blog that is maintained by Rick Hasen of Loyola Law School.

47. Info/Law – This blog looks at the latest information relating to ISP privacy issues, public domains and more. It’s maintained by three professors who met at Harvard and now teach at separate law schools.

48. TheCorporateCounsel.net Blog – If you’re looking for a blog that delves into the world of corporate law, this is the right place for you.

49. The Pop Tort – Civil law is the main focus of this blog; however, you may also find discussions on civil rights, corporate law and lobbying.

50. The Sports Law Professor – This blog, maintained by Willamette University law professor Jeffery Standen, talks about all-things sports law and covers timely topics in sports law news.