50 Top Engineering Blogs

Are you an engineering buff yearning for just about anything you can get your hands related to the field? If so, you’ve reached the right place. Below are 50 of the most popular blogs on the Internet that focus on this exciting topic.

Blogs from Engineering Schools

These blogs are offered from specific engineering schools, but are still great reads for anyone interested in the field.

1. Blogs at the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, MIT – MIT students host this blog that looks at civil and environment engineering and how they relate to the world.

2. Engineering Library Blog – This Princeton University Library blog gives students and visitors updated relevant information on engineering.

3. Engineering News & Magazine – This blog was created by the College of Engineering at the University of Missouri in Columbia. Though it’s written for students at the university, it’s a great read for engineering students at any school.

4. EngLibrary – Drexel University offers info on new engineering books, software updates, DVD’s and more related to the field.

5. Environmental Engineering at Suffolk – Suffolk University hosts this site that allows students and staff to discuss trends in environmental engineering as well as their personal projects.

6. Tomorrow’s Professor Blog – MIT and Stanford partnered up to provide this blog that acts as a forum for issues concerning education and engineering.

7. World of Engineering – While this blog was created for faculty and students in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Western Michigan University, it’s a good read for anyone in love with engineering.

For Ladies

Ladies have engineering needs too. If you don’t think so, check out these blogs to find out what’s going on in the world of engineering from a woman’s perspective.

8. FairerScience – This joint project between the Wellesley Centers for Women and Campbell-Kibler Associates, Inc. allows researchers and advocates of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to communicate their findings.

9. On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess – This blog celebrates being a woman with advanced degrees, a career, a family and a love of topics like bioengineering.

10. Sciencewomen – Alice Pawley, an assistant professor of engineering education at Purdue University blogs about her life as a wife and mother as it relates to her career as an engineer, scientist and feminist.

General Engineering Blogs

If you’re looking for blogs that cover the basics of engineering then these are great options for you.

11. The Art of Engineering – Engineering is a beautiful thing and this all-encompassing blog is set on sharing everything about it with the world.

12. Cooking for Engineers – This fun blog is for individuals who enjoy engineering with a bit of food lovin’ on the side.

13. Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog – Whether you’re gabbing about nanotechnology, antibiotics or research, if you’re a curious cat with a love for science and engineering, this blog is for you.

14. Engineering & … – The “&” in the title of this blog represents all of the aspects of the world engineering affects, including education, the economy and national interests.

15. Engineering Daily – This blog covers any and everything that pertains to engineering, including the latest news, press releases, videos, career advice and more.

16. Engineering Education – Connecting with people across the globe is always exciting, but getting to do so while focusing on engineering education makes this blog a winner.

17. Engineering Education Blog – Generate new ideas and nurture old ones in this blog dedicated to the growth of the field.

18. Engineering Ethics Blog – Follow Karl D. Stephan, Associate Professor for the Department of Engineering and Technology at Texas State University as he looks at current events in engineering and more.

19. Engineering Science – This blog offers daily engineering news, info for prospective engineering students and much more. It’s maintained by Geoff Davis, senior researcher at Google and former Dartmouth professor.

20. Go Engineering! – This blog is run by the American Society for Engineering Education and helps teachers of K-12 stimulate students’ interest in engineering.

21. Rands In Repose – This blog is maintained by an engineering manager in Silicon Valley who loves sharing his expertise on all-things engineering.

22. Scientists & Engineers for America Action Fund – This blog was created by SEA for students and professionals who share the organization’s concerns involving science and engineering.

Green Engineering Blogs

Is going green a #1 priority for you? Then these blogs will undoubtedly help to further your efforts.

23. Bright Green – The Christian Science Monitor hosts this blog that takes a look at the technological innovations and trends in environmental engineering.

24. Chris Gammell’s Analog Life – This green blog takes a hard look at renewable energy, analog design and more.

25. Environmental Engineering Diary – Catch up on the latest thoughts and ideas on environmental engineering from professional Arie Dipareza Syafei.

26. GoodCleanTech – Check out this blog by the PC Magazine team of analysts, writers and editors as they tackle environmental issues.

27. Green Engineering Blog at Design News – The editor-in-chief of Design News, John Dodge, blogs about how engineering and technology can work together in an environmentally-friendly way.

28. Green Inc. – The New York Times is the host of this site that explores politics, business, engineering and science as they relate to alternative energy sources.

29. Science Blog – environmental engineering – The Science Blog offers special interest articles from around the world related to environmental engineering.

Information Technology Blogs

With advancements in information technology being a major priority in our society, it’s good to keep up with these blogs that have both an IT and engineering focus.

30. Arden Packeer – CCIE expert Arden Packeer wants you to become a network ninja by exploring this blog focused on designing, installing, troubleshooting and operating WAN and LAN networks.

31. Andrew McAfee’s Blog – Andrew, an associate professor at Harvard and visiting associate professor MIT, blogs about how information technology effects change in our world.

32. CCIE Blog – This blog was created as a guide for individuals who are looking to pass the CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Exam.

33. CCIE Journey – Another great blog for those trying to pass the CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Exam.

34. Billso – This blog looks at engineering, mobile computing and information systems from the perspective of William A. Sodeman, an associate professor of information systems at Hawaii Pacific University.

35. Steve Haragon – Steve’s blog focuses on K-12 technological education with numerous posts specifically dedicated to engineering.

36. Davos Newbies – As the former advisor to Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Strategy Unit, Lance Knobel has plenty to talk about in relation to IT and engineering. Check it out!

37. Karim R. Lakhani’s Infrequent Musings – This assistance professor at Harvard Business School loves to blog about management and technological innovation. In his blog, you’ll find plenty about engineering and so much more.

38. Technology and Organizations – If you’re looking for information on the use of technology within organizational structures with some engineering thrown in, this blog is for you.

39. Technology & Marketing Law Blog – This blog by Eric Goldman, Associate Professor of Law at Santa Clara University, looks at a number of topics related to how technology and law combine. Engineering is a hot topic on this blog.

40. Screaming Circuits – This blog from the company Screaming Circuits offers PC engineering info, design advice and updated news.

41. Open IT Strategies – This blog is a great read for someone who is looking to dive into the use of openness as a competitive strategy. There are plenty of goods related to engineering as well.

Specialty Engineering Topics

These blog each focus on specific aspects of engineering.

42. Blinkdagger – Take notes from this engineering and MATLAB blog maintained by three engineering specialists.

43. Bulk-Blog – If you consider yourself to be a member of the worldwide powder and bulk solids handling community then Bulk Blog is definitely for you.

44. Chemical Engineering World – Get your daily dose of chemical engineering with this blog that focuses primarily on the topic.

45. Computational Complexity – Explore computational complexity and cool engineering topics on this blog run by Lance Fortnow who teaches at the University of Chicago.

46. Invent Civil – Civil engineering is the primary focus of this blog as it dives into technology and research from the field and even offers a blogroll for the category.

47. NetworkersOnline – If network engineering is a big passion of yours then this blog will most definitely feed your soul as you explore building new nodes, designing customer solutions and more.

48. Shtetl-Optimized – This blog explores the ins and outs of quantum computing from Scott Aaronson, assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT.

49. UrbanWorkbench – UrbanWorkbench was meant for folks who share a love of urban planning, design and civil engineering and want to flesh out ideas together.

50. Wireless Sensor Networks Blog – Are you all about wireless sensors? Then you can’t miss this blog that covers new products, new books, applications on wsn, the latest papers and conference info.