50 Places to Learn Spanish Online For Free

Looking for some great resources to learn the Spanish language? Here are 50 great options to get you started – and they’re all free.

1.  123TeachMe.com – If you’re trying to learn Spanish, 123TeachMe offers free learning materials, including games, quizzes and lessons for adults and children.

2.  AskOxford.com – Free Spanish language-learning resources are available including interactive exercises, sample material from dictionaries and more.

3.  BabelNation.com – Free site that offers online language courses in Spanish as well as other languages.

4.  BBC.co.uk – BBC offers free audio and video courses in Spanish and more, as well as beginner’s courses.

5.  BusinessSpanish.com – Learn free daily online lessons. The site says it offers 520 free lessons in a year and adds 2 new lessons every weekday.

6.  CoffeeBreakSpanish.comThis flagship Spanish course aims at beginner and intermediate learners while delivering 15-10 minute lessons – perfect for a coffee break!

7.  Conjuguemos.com – Interactive verb conjugation quizzes for Spanish and more.

8.  Eduole.com – This site offers more than 50 one-page worksheets for practicing and quizzing yourself on Spanish use through reading comprehension, verb conjugation and more.

9.  EffectiveLanguageLearning.com – A ton of free language lessons (tips and strategies) for Spanish and more.

10.  eLanguageSchool.net – A huge resource for learning multiple languages, Spanish included.

11.  eLearnSpanishLanguage.com – Listen and practice Spanish with audio lessons, a verb conjugator and more.

12.  E-Spanyol.hu/en – This site, which was created for Spanish learners, is completely free and offers the basics of language (vocabulary, everyday expressions, verb conjugation).

13.  FreeLanguage.org – This site offers videos, podcasts, written tutorials and more to learn over 30 languages, including Spanish.

14.  ILoveLanguages.com – Basic Spanish for the virtual student taught in eight sections and offered by the University of Missouri-Rolla.

15.  iTalki.com – Offers access to language teachers, language-exchange partners, discussion groups and other free resources for several languages, including Spanish.

16.  June29.com/Spanish – Three introductory Spanish lessons with audio examples.

17.  LangtoLang.com – Free online translation dictionary to translate between various languages, including Spanish.

18.  Learn4Good.com – Free interactive Spanish lessons for kids teaching numbers, colors, verbs and much more.

19.  Learn-Spanish-Help.com – Take advantage of free Spanish lessons and tutorials.

20.  Learn-Spanish-Online.de – 903 pages of free grammar lessons, including audio files.

21.  LearnSpanish.ElanguageSchool.net – Spanish language-learning course that focuses on grammar, vocabulary and emphasizes practice and exercises.

22.  LearnerSpanish.com – If you want to travel and experience cultures in Spanish-speaking nations, this site helps prepare you for your journey.

23.  LingoLex.com – Vocabulary, grammar, software and more for English speakers who want to learn Spanish.

24.  LiveMocha.com – This site includes courses in 30 languages (including Spanish), helpful tips from native speakers and conversational learning lessons.

25.  My-Spanish-Dictionary.com – Translators, quizzes and more to help learn Spanish.

26.  NativLang.com – Learn to read and write Spanish and other languages in their ancient and modern forms.

27.  NotesinSpanish.com – This Spanish podcast offers free audio. However, if you want the accompanying worksheets, you have to pay.

28.  OnlineFreeSpanish.com – Free games, music, activities and lessons to help learn the Spanish language.

29.  OuterSpanish.com – Free Spanish mini course and other activities available.

30.  Quia.com – Gain access to 600 free activities and educational games to learn Spanish and other languages.

31.  Single-Serving.com – Learn essential Spanish phrases and words for travel, print them and even store them in an mp3 player to listen to them anywhere.

32.  SpaniCity.com – Enjoy Spanish audio lessons, read phrases, listen to music, and take quizzes to help learn the language.

33.  Spanish.About.com – Site offers great resources including verb conjugation, blogs and more for learning Spanish.

34.  SpanishDict.com – This is a searchable English to/from Spanish dictionary with audio samples of thousands of words.

35.  SpanishExperto.com – Free online tutorials with audio, cultural notes, grammar, vocabulary, verb drills and more.

36.  Spanish-Kit.net – Grammar, vocabulary and more for those trying to learn Spanish.

37.  SpanishLanguageGuide.com – This site offers articles and explanations of Spanish grammar and usage, including alphabet, vocabulary, verb conjugation and pronunciation.

38.  SpanishPod.net – Take advantage of conversational podcast lessons offered across a wide variety of subjects.

39.  SpanishPrograms.com – Access to free Spanish lessons and tutorials.

40.  SpanishQuiz.net – Enjoy interactive Spanish quizzes. This site requires Shockwave.

41.  SpanishRomance.com – Free Spanish lessons and language resources developed by Spanish teachers.

42. Spanish.Speak7.com – Learn Spanish phrases, verbs, nouns, adjectives and more.

43.  SpanishUnlimited.com – Learn Spanish then test your knowledge with the language test divided into levels for those ranging from beginners to advanced.

44.  StudySpanish.com - Free Spanish tutorials offered to help with vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and verbs. Travel guides and cultural notes also available.

45.  TeachSpanish.com – Resources for both teachers and learners of Spanish with sample lessons to help learners understand the language.

46.  Transparent.com – Transparent offers Spanish language-learning products, including free software to download, articles, games and even a community you can join.

47.  UniLang.org – UniLang offers tons of free resources, including Spanish language courses, videos, audio and podcasts, phrasebooks, stories, games, articles and other exercises.

48.  Verbix.com – Learn how to conjugate Spanish verbs in more than a dozen different tenses (more than 100 other languages available also).

49.  Word2Word.comWord2Word.com is a free resources that offers access to help with Spanish and over 100 other languages, including links to online courses and other resources.

50.  WordReference.com – Free online translation dictionaries for Spanish and more.

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