50 Best Photojournalism Blogs

When you read about a news story in the press, or hear a news report on the TV, it has often been tainted by the opinions of the presenter. When, however, you view an event through the lens of a camera, you know you are witnessing the truth.

It has been said that the camera never lies so, as you browse through our 50 Best Photojournalism Blogs, consider the dedication and skill that has gone into bringing you the images you never forget and remember – “Every picture tells a story!”

Special Interest Photojournalism Blogs

Iconic Photos – Some of history´s most incredible images, the lies and truth behind them and how they have influenced modern perceptions

Prison Photography – Absolutely fascinating subject and imagery, including a history of the development of prison photography

Not If But When – A photographic study of the consumer driven culture in which we live

A Dog A Day – Nice commentary accompanies this Australian “Thousand Hound” project

KG Pho-Jo – Professional “pho-jo” with a special interest for high schools sports in California

Steve Barru – An insider´s view of real life in China with excellent social commentary

Photojournalism in the News and Reviews

Photography News – A selection of the most important photography news, covering notable photojournalists, cameras, equipment and competitions

Snapped Shot – A blog dedicated to critiquing the images we see in the press and the false impressions they give when doctored or accompanied by misleading captions

5B4 Blog – Reviews of images found in specialist photography, non-fictional books

Photo8 – News, reviews and interviews includes many fascinating human interest stories

FrameWork – The Los Angeles Times gallery of images complimenting the printed headline

NYT Lens – The New York Times counterpart, showcasing the work of NYT photographers

WSJ Photo Journal – The Wall Street Journal also provides a gallery of news photo items

Photojournalism Technology Blogs

31 Days / 31 Photos – What started off as a 31 day photo-shoot, developed into an examination of how modern technology influences the images taken by professional photographers

Guess The Lighting – The role of lighting in professional photography is examined

Light-Test – Contributors are invited to upload their own light-test photos. Looks fun!

Photo Tech – Using Lightroom and Photoshop to create unique and eye-catching photographs

Photojournalism Advice & Resources

Burn Magazine – An opportunity for young photojournalists to display their photographic essays, with details of workshops and grants available for those aiming to enter the industry

DVA Photo – Looks at current trends in photojournalism and provides information about grants and contests. Useful link to photojournalism agencies

Feature Shoot – Photo Art leads the way on this site which also aims to promote new photojournalists work through social media and networking

Photo Column – This blog is dedicated to providing inspiration and advice and offers the chance for new photojournalists to publish their images on the “Photo Column”

Razon Collective – Some excellent articles expanding on what photojournalists have to put up with when trying to make a living from their craft

Too Much Chocolate – Showcases new work from start-up photographers, with interviews and galleries which change each week.

Verve Photo – Information for and about the “new breed” of photojournalists, with details of new photo agencies and inspiring multimedia projects

Photojournalism Links – Links to the best photojournalism stories on the Internet as they happen

The Picture Show – A showcase blog for new and rediscovered works relevant to art and life

Extreme Photojournalism Blogs

Zoriah –The professional photographer captures life in the harshest conditions

The Big Picture – Poignant photography from the biggest stories in the News

Lens Culture – Worldwide sensitive issues covered in this thought provoking blog

Maysun – Incredible ongoing photojournalism essay about the Palestinian crisis

Photojournalism by Geographical Area

Brett Gundlock – Originally entitled “Moments and Light” this blog features both the sensational and the simple sides of photojournalism in Toronto

The Button Pusher – Andrew Craft is an award-winning photojournalist focused on North Carolina

Curly Haired Vision – Real life events in the Pacific North West captured for posterity

Daily Double A – Two photojournalists cover stories in Oakland and publish the best of the best.

Horizon of a Moment – California biased photo portfolio combining nature and creativity

Jez Blog – Often hilarious  adventures of an Englishman let loose with a camera in New York

Joshua Bickel – Award winner Joshua directs his lens at “everyday” activities in Missouri

Photography in Japan – Photographer moves to Tokyo and captures a different culture altogether

On Assignment – Denver based photojournalist  captures stories from his local area

The Photo Shoot – Impressive images from the Cape Cod Times photojournalist section

Photojournalism Portfolios

Panos Pictures – Panos Pictures is an award-winning photo agency specialising in global social issues and is recognized internationally for its fresh and intelligent approach

Benjamin Kanarek – The author discusses philosophy, photography and fashion in a well-worded and visually creative blog

Image Garden – San Francisco meets Prague in this stunning portfolio by Jana Ašenbrennerová

In The Loupe – Weddings, Engagements and Family Reunions in Craig Kohlruss´s collection

A Student Experience – Lucio Villa builds an impressive portfolio as he works through college

Photomatopoeia – Mark Sellman´s work has few words – leaving the viewer to imagine the story

Really Japan – Click “Image Info” for details of how each photo was taken and the story behind it

Shorpy – Republishes vintage photos from 1850 to 1950, and invites readers to submit their own

Sin Amor Perecemos – “Without love we perish” is the title of this San Francisco photo collection

Stephanie Hinkle Photos – The lighter side of life investigated through Stephanie´s lens

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