50 Best Philosophy Blogs

If you are still pondering the mysteries of whether a zebra is white with black stripes or black with white stripes, or concerned about what happens when you get scared half to death twice, you will appreciate browsing through our 50 Best Philosophy Blogs.

Firm believers that the Universe has no order will also appreciate the randomness with which we have listed them, and as every individual will find their own meaning in each, so shall it remain. Enjoy our selection and let us know if you feel there are others we should include.

1.       The Brooks Blog – Thom Brooks is a Reader in Political and Legal Philosophy at Newcastle University in the U.K., yet his blog site receives more visits from the States than the rest of the world combined. His easy-to-read blog posts have recently concerned Sarah Palin, baldness and extra sensory perception   – but not all at the same time!

2.       Philosophical Chasm – By contrast, The Philosophical Chasm is a dark look into the thoughts of a Canadian philosophy teacher lecturing at Southern Illinois University, while finalizing his PhD. A great blog if you identify with the philosophers from whom Carbondale Chasmite (our author) draws his inspirations.

3.       Horseless Telegraph – A light and occasionally erratic blog by PhD candidate, Lewis Powell, who shares his  defence of David Hume’s attempt to reductively analyze all cognitive activities as manners of conception with the philosophy department of the University of Southern California, and anybody else who will listen!

4.       Philosophy and Sports – This blog does exactly what it says on the label, with a host of contributors theorizing over the events that affect sportsmen´s lives – cheating, drugs, moralism and cheerleaders – and then how those events affect the public perception of sport. A little male dominated, but a good read nonetheless.

5.       Gone Public – Noelle McAfee is an associate professor of philosophy at Emory University and the associate editor of the Kettering Review.  His blog on philosophy, politics and public life is both insightful and touching, and rarely will you come across a public blog on these subjects with such inner sensitivity.

6.        The Philosophy Smoker – A hilarious blog (whether intentionally or not) which bitches about the profession of philosophy, the American Philosophical Association, and life in a university philosophy department. If you have ever run out of people to blame for your own “total disasters”, you will get plenty of tips from Mr. Zero and colleagues.

7.       Virtual Philosopher – Nigel Warburton is a modern day philosophical writer who has embraced online philosophizing by integrating videos and podcasts into his blog. His discussions with other published philosophers are thought provoking and illuminating, and for daily snippets of Warburton wisdom, you might like to subscribe to his “Philosophy Bites Daily”.

8.       Ttahko – Tuomas Tahko is a Finnish philosopher whose primary research interests are in contemporary analytic metaphysics and the methodology of metaphysics.  Don´t let that put you off though! Tuomas is an outdoor fanatic who is just about to visit the States for the first time to commence a “visiting scholarship” at NYU. It promises to be excellent reading.

9.       Bowl Philosophy – Very funny sports themed blog from Cape Town, South Africa, giving a perspective on things from the Southern Hemisphere. Not much in the way of NFL or NBA, but pretty diverse choices includes Rugby, Skiing and Surfing. Plenty of international political comment to from a country which has had its fair share of political issues.

10.   Brittle Paper – Described as a “fun blog on literature a philosophy”, it is pretty disconcerting to see the site´s tag cloud proclaiming “death” and “Foucault” (hardly a laugh-a-minute philosopher) as the main topics. However Nigerian authoress, Ainehi Edoro, does bring this site alive with her poetic writing.

11.   Per Caritatem – absolutely absorbing philosophical look at historical theology.

12.   P.A.P.-BLOG – Views on human right violations with huge statistics database.

13.   M and M – Kiwi Christian social commentary from Evangelical philosophers.

14.   Ian Bicking – Open source and open mind from this Minneapolis-based software designer.

15.   PEA Soup – A consommé of Philosophy, Ethics and Academia compiled by “PEA brains”.

16.   Bad Philosophy – Often cynical “pod-blog” devised by caffeine enriched Texan students.

17.   New Rockstar Philosophy – News and views on modern day rockstars cum celebrities.

18.   Feminist Philosophers – Tuned in female perspective of campus life and inequalities.

19.   Blue Collar Philosophy – Excellent anti-Liberalism philosophy from an oil worker.

20.   Partially Examined Life – Casual “pod-blog” with well subscribed Facebook discussions.

21.   Unreal Blog – Where philosophy meets physics and they live happily ever after.

22.   Connor´s Conundrums – Social media consultant changes the world a byte at a time.

23.   Experimental Philosophy – Nationwide group, sharing ideas and hosting “lab” meetings.

24.   Money Philosophy – More money than philosophy on this article writing “how to” blog.

25.   Leiter´s Legal Philosophy – Leiter thinks out loud about problems in legal philosophy.

26.   Evolutionary Philosophy – Fascinating co-evolutionary and enlightenment blog.

27.   Food Philosophy – Tasty blog exploring the relationship between food and life.

28.   Philosophy Lounge – General snippets of philosophy from the Lounge´s “love of wisdom”.

29.   Ancient Philosophy Society – In-depth analysis of ancient Roman and Greek texts.

30.   Shadow in the Flame – Dark commentary on publications containing Nietzsche references.

31.   Prosblogion – A philosophy of religion blog, written by  graduate students.

32.   Fragments of Consciousness – Well titled web log delving into cognitive science.

33.   Kenny Pearce – An Evangelical libertarian philosopher´s view on L.A. life “in boring colors”.

34.   Unpolished Jade – Insight into Chinese philosophy includes a Zhongwen “Word of the Day”.

35.   Anselm Philosophy – Extensive “cata-blog” of philosophical resources.

36.   Geek Philosophy – Chris Simmons’s excellent musings on software and life.

37.    Planet Philosophy – The best bits of philosophy blogs from around the planet.

38.   Rational Philosophy – “Think Better, Work Better, Test Better “ is the rational message.

39.   Philosophy of Brains – Meaningful meeting of the metaphysical and meta-philosophical

40.    Consequently – Updates and links to writings of Melbourne philosopher Greg Restall.

41.    LogBlog – Philosophy, logic and “other fun stuff” from Professor Richard Zach.

42.   The View from Conestogo – Random thoughts on Canadian politics and culture (!)

43.   Evolving Minds – Darwin, social evolution and pop culture mix in this very readable blog.

44.   Merrie´s Philosophy – A gentle introduction into some of the basic concepts of philosophy.

45.   The Philosophy Blog – Philosophy in football in Shawn Klein´s modern musings.

46.   Philosophy over Coffee – Often controversial  blog about life, faith and coffee.

47.   Will Wilkinson – Blog writer for The Economist, Will Wilkinson, swaps politics for philosophy.

48.   Mark Vernon – “Friendship Online” Worth reading!

49.   Matt Crowe – Unusually assembled collection on fear and the philosophy of fear.

50.   Erratic Wisdom – Well written and entertaining blog with more than a suggestion of atheism.

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