50 Best North American Travel Blogs

Having the opportunity to travel around North America is one of the great adventures of life. But if you physically do not have the time (or the money) to become a journeyperson, possibly the next best thing is to read about others´ exploits.

We have compiled a comprehensive selection of the most entertaining, well-written and informative blogs whatever your mode of travel, line of interest and budget. Many of these blogs extend into other continents, but they all have content about traveling in North America which is worthy of your attention.

Traveler’s Rights

Elliot – Christopher Elliot is a consumer advocate and journalist who writes exceptional blogs on poor insurance company practices, airline misdemeanors and poor car hire firms. Everybody who wants to travel around North America should read this first!

North America General

TravelholicA – Good general advice for travelling practically anywhere

Rambling Traveler – Fantastic photo blog from walks taken around much of North America

My Itchy Travel Feet – Baby Boomer’s guide to traveling around America

The Brooklyn Nomad – Native New Yorker, Andrew Hicky, blogs about not spending a lot in the Big Apple, and then gets on a plane and doesn´t spend a lot in other destinations.

Kaleidoscopic Wandering – Fantastic travel resource compiled by ex-Peace Corps member and seasoned traveler. Contains fantastic travel tips and advice

Nomadic Chick – What started as a U.S. road trip for a dissatisfied “cubicle dweller” develops into a world tour. Travel tips and advice specifically written for the young female traveler.

Sending Postcards – Picture packed blog from a traveling couple who started in the States and have yet to stop

Beer and Beans – Travelling around the States and beyond on a budget. Some great guest blogs too on this well presented site

Out Traveler – Self-proclaimed standard for the gay and lesbian traveler

Van Down by the River – Almost as many photos as miles in this country-wide touching blog

Otts World – Corporate runaway shows that her talents are best used in an exceptional travel-blog

Everything Everywhere – A worldwide chronicle with awesome photography of the States

Hole in the Donut – Cultural view of the world with plenty of North American content

Without Baggage – Brilliant and well written guide to traveling light

Intelligent Travel – National Geographic´s own travel blog focuses on the cultural, authentic and sustainable places to visit in North America

The Feral Scribe – Pop culture, politics and travel rolled into one very enjoyable blog.

Simpler Happier – Travelling away from the tourist destinations of the States

North America Area Specific


Alaska Travelgram – probably one of the most comprehensive travel guides to what´s where in Alaska. Plenty of human interest, tips and advice


Wandering Justin – Travel and adventure in Arizona – and some pretty weird things to eat!


What a Trip – Travel writing at its best in Northern California


Eh Canada – If you are looking for adventure in Canada, this is the place to start!

Canada Trip – In depth travel-blog written from the perspective of an English traveler


Eclectric Trips – A quirky view of travel, featuring on this link Hawaii


Yellow Brick Road Trip – A very enjoyable insight into Mid-West life


Vallartablog – Insiders guide to what´s happening in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico

Mexico Unmasked – Colorful guide to the bits the tourists never see


Jill Outside – What started as an active Alaskan blog moved to Montana with the author and maintained its momentum. Loads of cycling and beautiful pictures from where cars don´t go.

New Mexico

Albuquerque Innsights – A local innkeeper reveals New Mexico’s secrets to anyone who will listen.

New York

Newyorkology – if it´s on in New York, it is in Newyorkology. Comprehensive guide to everything!

San Francisco

Bay Area on the Cheap – Bright, cost-cutting blog about SF on a budget

West Coast

Spunky Girl Monologues – Blogs by single female travelers who in 2011 plan a major road trip down the West Coast

Peregrine by Nature – Stunning photography sees the Mid-west through the lens of Senegalese native Kari, on her road trip up the country with ultimate sights on Alaska


Have Media Will Travel – Life coach, Shelli Johnson, produces a fascinating guide to the more picturesque areas of Wyoming


Secret Yellowstone – Excellent blog about the rarely accessed areas of this most wonderful national park

North American Sports Travel Blogs

Stadium Journey – Sports enthusiasts will love the well-written reports from their favorite venues

Anygame Anywhere – A complete guide to finding a stadium, buying tickets and where to sit!

North American Road Trips

Around the World by Truck – Not surprisingly, North America provides one of the many highlights of this global tour

Two Beers and a Pretzel – Route 66 in pictures is the highlight of this multi-destination blog

Motorcycle Memoir – Christopher Sorbi travels the globe on a Suzuki GS850 raising funds to fight hunger on his Transcontinental Humanitarian Expedition

Yobosayo – Fantastic photography and humorous tales from a young couple gone camping

Two Tweens and A Teen – Chrono-blog about a family expedition to 13 National Parks in 16 days – informative if not hurried!

Bike and Boots – San Diego to Canada on a Suzuki V-Storm – stopping for gas and photos

Bike49 – Cyclists aim to cover 49 States in this green adventure promoting sustainability awareness

Notes From the Road – Extensive and popular educated look at many of the issues facing American travelers.

Young Snowbirds – Rob and Arlene Cooper are young snowbirds from Edmonton who take a year off to lose their RV virginity with some hilarious results. Great tips for that long road trip and the blog includes some fantastic videos and photography.

Wayne on the Road – Wayne Stadler sold everything he owned (except his computer and photography equipment) to embark on a Canadian cross country voyage of discovery in a Nissan Xterra. Everything is on a budget except his wit and excellent writing style.

North American Food Blogs

Road Trips for Foodies – A guide to what´s on and where for culinary aficionados

Beer Geek – Fascinating (and remarkably sober) adventures of Alaskan based beer geeks on their travels

Lannae´s Food and Travel – If you are ever hungry in Nashville, this blog provides a guide to all the best eateries in the area

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