50 Best Learning Disability Blogs

It is almost impossible to go through life without being touched by somebody with a learning disability. Whether it is one of your own children, a friend´s or colleague´s, or maybe you are studying for a course that will enable you to care for learners with disabilities; you will find practical and helpful information in the list below.

We have tried wherever possible to isolate blogs relating to a specific learning disability, however the “General” section should include something of interest to most to most readers and many of the links are directed to a relevant index or search facility from where you can find the topic in which you need advice.


ADDitude Blog – One of the most comprehensive blogs under any subject. The site covers of ages of childhood ADHD with valuable resources for parents who feel they are suffering alone.

ADHD Resource Blog – Written by the mother of a teenage son with ADHD, this touching and often funny blog has a generous supply of resources for other parents in a similar situation.

ADD-Me Blog! – First person experiences of living with ADHD and other people´s misconceptions

Disability Support Services – Help for all types of disability with extensive articles written about ADHD achievers

Parent Squad – General help and advice for all parents with extensive database on ADHD issues

Autism Blogs

Facing Autism in New Brunswick – Written an autistic child’s father, this blog includes many touching stories and relevant news items

Autism Blog – Mom of boy with ASD chronicles life with an autistic child and comments on related autism news items

The Joy of Autism – Lecturer and founder of the Autism Acceptance project, Estée Klar, writes about the joy in her life she gets from her autistic son

Left Brain Right Brain – Well established U.K. blog featuring autism news, science and opinion

Adventures in Autism – Mom of autistic child blogs about vaccine news and research on thought provoking site

Cerebral Palsy

Chocolate Cherry Pie – Jill Croft is a mother of two with a B.A. in Psychology, Master´s of Education and a teenage daughter born with cerebral palsy. Read her intriguing blog about life and parenting

Living With Cerebral Palsy – A victim´s own story of growing with cerebral palsy offers advice to parents of other young sufferers

Whispers of Hope – Inspirational writings and news relating to helping families affected by cerebral palsy

Mango Mon – Sources for support in teaching students with cerebral palsy

Paces – advice and support for families supporting children with cerebral palsy through conductive education

Dyslexia/Dysgraphia Blogs

Dyslexia My Life – The author of the book “Dyslexia My Life” answers reader´s emails in a blog format.

Dyslexia Victoria – A very educating blog for those apprehensive about the disability of dyslexia

Happy Dyslexic – Understanding dyslexia and helping dyslexic children fulfill their potential

Luqman´s Dyslexia Blog – A teacher writes about the challenges of tutoring dyslexic children

The Dee Zone – Excellent guide to dysgraphia, written by a happily married woman who grew up being punished at school for her poor hand-writing.

General Learning Disability Help

Ann Logsden´s Blog – Ann is a school psychologist with over 18 years experience in helping parents and teachers support students with educational disabilities. A lot of valuable advice is present in her blog.

Babies Online – This blogs has a comprehensive article database in which you will find help and guidance if you suspect your child of developing a learning difficulty

Big Universe Learning – Advice and thoughtful comment from parents, teachers and special education professionals

Broken Clay – The “Art of Intermittent Disability” is a journal of one author´s fight against her handicap

Crip Chronicles – A disability strategist comments on news items associated with disability learning

Disability Blogger – Advice on getting help from the Social Security when you have a disability

Disability News Worldwide – All disabilities covered in this blog of news items from around the world

Education Week – News, events and articles of interest for the special education community

Eide Neurolearning – Weekly articles related to brain-based solving and overcoming learning problems

Equity News – Commenting on educational developments for disability with ethnic minorities

Minnow Speaks – Navigating the educational system when you have children with special needs

Nina´s Reading Blog – Reviews of books concerning children with learning disabilities

Overcoming Learning Disabilities – Help for parents of those who can see symptoms without knowing the cause, with details of educational therapy and a helpful free newsletter

Parenting Teens – Interesting facts and statistics relating to teenagers with learning disabilities

Reading Rockets – Assistance for helping children with learning disabilities to read

Special Needs Families – Personal experiences from a number of contributors with details of how to survive in a learning disability environment

The LD Blog – Commentary and resources concerning behavior management and learning disabilities

The Shut-Down Learner – Quizzes to help you discover if your child is a  “Shut Down Learner”

The Wrightslaw Way – Information about special education rights and advocacy

Try Therapy – Designed for therapists, mental health counselors, and personal health educators

Home Schooling Blogs

Learning Tree Farm – Advice about home schooling your child with learning difficulties

Love´s School – Mom of 5 writes about the challenges of educating in the home environment

Spunky Home School – Advice on tutoring your child at home – including getting tax credits

Throwing Marshmallows – General home schooling tips for parents with children of all abilities

Mental Multivitamin – A home schooling blog where the parents write about what they learn

Personal Story Blogs

Daniela´s Journey – Follows the inspiring story of Daniela Goldstone and her journey to becoming an independent adult

Dyslexia Wonders – Teenager Jenny Smith´s blog about her own battle with dyslexia

The Odd Bird – Personal reflections of a media maker with nonverbal learning difficulties

Dyslexia Parents – Good reading for  parents who have pre-teenage children suffering from dyslexia

Learning Disabilities Children – A mom´s 18 year diary of raising her son –  failures included

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