50 Best History Blogs

History! There is so much of it, and so much history has sculpted the way we live today. However, rather than just listing blogs chronicling the lives of Kings, Queens and Presidents, we have selected the 50 Best History Blogs which represent as many historical subjects as there are cultures in the States (well, nearly!).

As you browse through our selection, allow Clio – the Roman Muse of History – to guide you to the most relevant and interesting for your specific interest, and enjoy!

American History Blogs

Native America – “Discovered and Conquered”, this blog describes what happened to the Native Americans during the period that the country was being founded

U.S. Intellectual – Blogs about the history of American thought and the intellectuals that have contributed towards an American national identity

Boston 1775 – History  gossip about the start of the American Revolution in Massachusetts

History Rhymes – A look back at the 19th Century –  cowboys, Indians and Mark Twain

US History Blog – History from the classroom, retold by an “independent” history scholar

Frontier Battles – Covers the wars for and against the Empire in America between 1607 and 1815

Civil War Stories – Reflections on the stories from the war and their meaning 150 years later

Victorian Times – Clothes and apparel feature in this blog about life in the time of Dickens

Criminal History Blogs

Executed Today – Pick a date (or select the random option) and find out who was executed on any day of the year in the past two thousand years. You can filter by method of execution as well!

What Really Happened – prolific conspiracy theory blog about what “really”  happened in the past and what is still happening today!

CLEWS – Background information for some of America´s most notorious murder crimes

Fall River´s Lizzie Borden – Compelling insight into America´s most infamous murder acquittal

Political History Blogs

What Would Lincoln Do – Possibly a missed opportunity, commenting about what Lincoln did, rather than what he would do today. However, a remarkable and comprehensive historical blog

The Founding Fathers – Have America´s morals  failed to live up to the standards set in history

Violet Planet – Discussing that abuse of the 1st Amendment is alive and well – thought provoking!

Victorian Web – Relevant and resourceful blog about U.K. political history from 1760 to 1900

Historiann – A history of sexual politics, aimed at female readers, but should be read by everyone.

Area Specific History Blogs

Lost New York City – Comments on the way the vestiges of old New York are being steamrollered due to real estate “madness” in the 21st Century

Coney Carnival – The history of the  famous Coney Island Amusement Park – past and present

Chicago History Journal – Fascinating, researched history of the Windy City and its citizens

Appalachian History – Stories, quotes and anecdotes, with an emphasis on the Depression era

Sparkle Tack – Well-written historical chronicles about the San Francisco of the last century

Southern History – Details of the Southern States historic past – often overlooked pre-Civil War

Western Americana – The Wild West, mining, fur-trading, missionaries, farming – it is all here!

Historical Women Blogs

Women of History – Members of the fairer sex who have contributed to way our lives are today

American Presidents – Content about our president´s First Ladies makes this blog stand out

History and Women – Women from around the world, and the impact they made on history

Civil War Women – More than just Abigail Adams in this catalogue of fantastic female fellowship

faMiss Women – Biographicy reviews on famous women your history teacher may have missed

History of American Women – Retrospective look at the role of women in shaping America

Scandalous Women – Historical females who attained their notoriety for less “noble” pursuits!

Ancient History Blogs

Mike Anderson´s Blog – A well conceived blog which relates ancient history to events we see happening every day, and claims that the future has already happened

Antiquarian´s Attic – “Old news” is in this blog covering Roman and Norse discoveries in the U.K.

Dump Diggers – What´s been dumped by previous civilizations when the diggers  move in

Cardinal Wolsey – “Today-in-history” style blog on everything from Galileo to Monty Python

The History Blog – Comment on stolen treasures, medieval life and ancient social policies

Awilium – Bible and ancient Near East history researched and commented on by expert theologist

Modern History Blogs

History is Elementary – Much more than History discussed in this “must-read” blog written by an Elementary Grade History Teacher for teachers and those interested in education

Clio and Me – The victors in battle generally write the history, but in “Clio and Me”, the author views history from the defeated nation´s perspective – in this case Germany

Modern Mechanix – How past inventions were introduced to the world and today´s counterparts

Vintage U.F.O. – A glimpse back into the Twilight Zone with historical U.F.O. sightings and trivia

Damm Interesting – Fascinating pieces of recent history that may have missed the ABC News

Inhistoric – Everything you wanted to know about the history of American sports and sports idols.

History News Network – news about today´s events and how they will be recorded for posterity

Military History Blogs

Wig-Wags – Easy to follow military history from the Chinese Emperors to modern day warfare

Military History – Modern battlefield conflict with a focus on the U.S. Army and its role

Naval History Blog – Naval history and heritage updated by historians from the U.S. Naval Institute

Out of Battle – Excellent resource for anybody wishing to discover more about World War 1

Strange Maps – Totally absorbing blog on how the world map might be colored now, if only … …

This Intrepid Band – The lives and heroics of military nurses from the Boer War to World War 1

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