50 Best Fishing Blogs

Fishing is one of life’s most therapeutic experiences and can often be rewarded with a free dinner! According to the The Fish and Wildlife Service of the U.S. Department of the Interior, an estimated 13 million Americans participate in recreational fishing on a regular basis, and there may be  even more when you count the organized fishing trips available during a vacation.

In categorizing the 50 Best Fishing Blogs we appreciate that there is a huge overlap between fishing disciplines, so each section is not exclusive to that particular type of fishing – just a general guide. A lot of fishermen are also keep hunters, so we have included a section on that too, as well as some fishing conservation blogs which all anglers should read carefully.

General Fishing Blogs

The Ultimate Fishing Show – The blog which accompanies the fishing show “made by fishermen for fishermen” has masses of useful information for all fishing disciplines

Fishing Fury – Saltwater and freshwater fishing covered in this comprehensive blog

Single Barbed – Often funny look at the life of a fisherman up to his knees in it!

Bass Fishing Dem – Dispelling the myths that fishing is an exclusively conservative pursuit

Ultimate Fishing – Everything on how to tie a knot to planning a fishing vacation

Kayak Fishing – A decade of kayak fishing experience in this well written blog

The Olympian – A guide to the rules, regulations and seasons concerning competition fishing

Lunker Links – Some very good tips and information on this easy-to-read blog

Fishing for History – A blog dedicated to revealing our country´s fishing heritage

Keep Fishing – Excellent resource, featuring reviews of the latest gear on the market

Sea Fishing Blogs

Fishing Blog – Excellent guide to sea fishing for beginners from U.K. based site

Fishin Topsail – Recipes, religion and fishing reports based around Topsail Island, North Carolina

Texas Bluewater – How to catch a big saltwater fish in the Gulf of Mexico

Pro Fishing Blog – Not just confined to the sea – these guys fish everywhere!

Fin Talk – The ultimate fishing resource for sea and saltwater fishing in Florida

A Fish Blog – Marine biology, seawater fishing and fascinating photos in this Norwegian blog

Xstreem Fishing – The ultimate big fish blog site with big stories and big images as well

Deep Sea Fishing Miami – Excellent reporting is complimented by great videos and photos

Deep Sea Fishing Oregon – Tips, recipes and fishing reports from Newport, Oregon

Deep Sea Fishing Okinawa – Some very different fish feature on this blog from Japan

Fly Fishing Blogs

Trout Underground – Very accessible blog which covers a lot of news about fly fishing and relevant advice for the experienced fly-fisherman. Possibly not quite for the beginner

Daily Fly Fishing News – probably the most comprehensive fly fishing site on the Web. Everything from how to tie a knot to what gear to wear.

Fly Fishing Yellowstone – Information about fly fishing in and around Yellowstone Park

Cutthroat Stalker – Relatively gentle blog with musings about trout fishing in general

Fly Fishing in Maine – Everything you need to know, including the tides and sea temperature

Switters B – Nicely written blog about improving your fly fishing skills

Fly Fish Magazine – The e-blog of the e-magazine with additional editorial comments

Maine Fishing Today – Coverage of fly fishing news and events wherever it happens

North West Fly Fishing – All the news and fishing action from Seattle and surrounding area

Bonefish On The Brain – Absolutely everything you would want to know about bonefish

Freshwater Fishing Blogs

Moldychum – Self-proclaimed fly-fishing geeks. A lot of good hardware information supplemented with videos, podcasts and photographs. One of the top blogs to read for freshwater fishermen

Angler Wise – Good instructional videos and “how-to” guides on this comprehensive site

Sweaty Waders – A blog written by those who really get involved in the water

Freshwater Fishing Tips – A great source of information for the novice fisherman

Way Upstream – Great videos compliment excellent advice on this comprehensive blog

The Fiberglass Manifesto – Rods and cool fishing gear feature on this advertizing heavy site

Curly´s Photo and Fishing Blog – Great information and fishing reports from Northern Michigan

Bow River Blog – Spin fishing the Bow River written in a way that many fishermen will identify with

Fishing Tales – Lots of information on the different types of lures available

Troutrageous – Excellent and very entertaining blog with news and reviews in a unique style

Fishing Conservation Blogs

Fly, Rod, Reel – Popular magazine-style blog covering many environmental issues

Fishing Jones – Responsible fishing blog focusing on conservation and the environment

Blogfish – Educated views on fishing conservation written by a fishing scientist

Conservation Maven – Interesting views on what is happening in our rivers

Orvis News – The latest information about ecology issues and how fishing is affected

Fishing & Hunting Blogs

The Suburban Bushwacker – A city dweller learns more each day about fishing and hunting

Arizona Fishing – The Arizona Fish & Gaming Department weekly blog is an excellent  resource

Jack Traps – News, advice and great ice fishing images on this community ice fishing blog

Field and Stream – Daily news snippets from the world of sport fishing and hunting

My Hunting & Fishing – Interesting read with some great tips and giveaways from other sites

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