50 Best Cycling Blogs

Ever since man first climbed upon a penny farthing, budding authors everywhere have wanted to chronicle their cycling exploits. This environmentally friendly pastime not only keeps you fit, but you get to see more of where you are traveling through, including many places where a four-wheeled vehicle just cannot go.

As two wheels will not get you as far as four, many of the 50 Best Cycling Blogs are area specific. We have identified these by location and also grouped together other blogs of a similar genre. Of course, there are always square pegs wanting to fit into round holes, so we have also included a “Third Wheel” section where you will find a wonderful cross-section of all things spherical!

Area Specific


Alaska Bike Girl – Every blog should be like this! Wonderfully written, full of special images, entertaining and informative.

Bicycles and Icicles – See what they have done there? Kohanok rhyming slang! Very good!


One Speed: Go! – Phoenix based bicycle commuter gets out and about amongst the local countryside. A blog for all cycling enthusiasts with well written information about bike technology.

California – San Francisco

Bikes and The City – Bikes, boys and coffee star in this “fem” view of the world from two wheels.

California – Oakland

Girl on Bike Writes – Sustainability and alternative lifestyles – including a lot of cycling


The Mongolia Chronicles – Some great stories and images from Colorado and beyond

Indiana – North

Big Oak Bikes – Enchanting blog with excellent photography and bits about bikes too

Indiana – South

Ear To The Breeze – Cycling, hiking and camping in this picturesque neck of the woods


The Chai Cyclist – Chai as in living rather than a cup of tea. Entertaining blog from all-weather cyclist who will never go two days without commuting on his trusty steed – good photography too.


Cars Are Coffins – photo blog with the aim of getting other cyclists out and about in Nebraska

New York

Bike Snob NYC – NYC based blog comments on many of the issues facing 21st Century cyclists.


Cycledog – Frequently funny look at sites around Tulsa with excellent photography


I Bike To – One of the better area-specific cycling blogs, with up-to-date info about cycling routes in Toronto and commentary of what the city council should be doing to improve them

Cycle Racing

Bike Hugger – Loads of fantastic information in this popular guide to going faster

Cozy Beehive – Comprehensive site focusing on the technical detail of cycling

Life Bikin´ – Hill climbing and road racing feature, where the party lasts as long as the road

Cycling Lyfestyle – Mid-West dirt racing within an urban landscape and with plenty of beers

Bike Touring

Adventure Monkey – Based on Maslow´s hierarchy of needs, professional photographer – Eric Benjamin – chooses cycling to get aware from it all. Great insight, stories and photos.

Bicycling Alaskan Women – More than just Anchorage covered in this in-depth blog covering many important cycling issues

Travels With My Mule – British blog about cycling in Yorkshire. A different perspective from what is usually seen in cycling blogs

Tlatet – Self-proclaimed “grumpy old man” embarks on cycling tour of UK. Interesting destinations away from the norm

Naturally Cycling – A well-written British blog about one girl overcoming her fear of cycling in a city center environment

The Wild Spoke – 4 buddies take the Oregon Trail from Alaska on a bike – fascinating blog!

The Old Bag – A mature cyclist fills her blog with prose about her cycling adventures.

Cycling Comment

The Fat Cyclist – Possibly the most subscribed to cycling blog on the web. The fat cyclist takes current cycling issues and dissects them into humorous tit-bits of information. Very good site.

Drunk Cyclist – Opinionated, though-provoking and entertaining blog. Contains v strong language, drugs, beer and semi-nudity.

Amsterdamize – What would be like if all cities used Amsterdam as their transit model? Read and see!

Citizen Rider – Cycling philosophy from an accidental cyclist. Commuters will enjoy this blog.

Rantwick – Bike-based bias in this often humorous, never irrelevant, rant about cycling issues

Gwadzilla – Like Rantwick, but more bicycle specific. Has a serious dislike of other road users

View From the Cycle Path – Written in Holland – the cycling capital of the world – this blog concentrates on the benefits of cycling. Financially, healthily and environmentally.

Mountain Bikes

The Fat Lad Rides Again – Pies, miles and smiles in this very funny cycling blog

Handlebar Sandwich – Some excellent photography from an Arizonan skiing cyclist

Wheel Dancer – Poetry meets the mountains in this touching blog

Chad´s Bikepacking Diary – Crazy mountain cycling and wonderful photography combine

Cycling Challenge – If the home States are not sufficiently testing for you, read how you could be cycling in the Alps.

Cool Bike Blogs

Chic Cyclist – Funny, interesting and cool. And you get to vote on how good each blog is!

Bike Man Dan – Very funny blog with some good ideas about uses for old bicycle parts

Rue de Bicyclette – Food, fashion and travel (by bike of course) in this original picture blog

Liberty on Bikes – For the love of bikes. Bike bits, bike tricks and bike art all in one.

Third Wheel

Bike Riding Donut Guy – Bikes sometimes get a mention in this personal diary of a pastry chef from Pennsylvania

Gnarlee´s World – The adventures of an overweight, asthmatic, flatlander living in a mountain state (Tennessee) into minimalist living and fixing up bikes.

Bicycle Diaries – Blood, sweat and gears in this intriguing cycling-meets-classical- literature blog. Very readable and many of the classical subjects are travel related.

Tail Tales – One woman´s journey in the quest for fitness on a bike

Guitar Ted Productions – More cycling than music in this build-it-yourself guide to the best bikes

Change Your Life – Ride a Bike – Cyclists share how riding a bike has changed their lives

Bicycle Picture of the Day – Not just the latest aero-dynamic models, but many of the bikes we grew up riding feature on this picture blog

Car Free With Kids – A fascinating blog on how two professional mathematicians chose to forgo four wheels for two, and still bring up their children

Bike Reviews

Beginner Cycling – If you are looking for a new bicycle, check out some of these useful shopping tips for choosing the best model and accessories

The Epicurean Cyclist – More about bike gear than the bikes themselves, but good honest reviews on this comprehensive site

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