50 Best Buddhism Blogs

If you were ever under the impression that Buddhism is just for elderly men in orange robes, think again! Many modern followers of the Buddha´s teachings believe that Buddhism is as relevant in the 21st Century as it has even been and reveal their reasoning in lively and passionate text.

Dividing the Zen Buddhism categories into “Light” and “Not so Light” is intended to separate those which are easier to read from those which are philosophy or teachings based – it bears no reflection on the author´s level of enlightenment!

Zen Buddhism (Light)

The Buddhist Blog – Despite its modest denial that this blog is not the definitive guide to Buddhism, it is written in such a touching and relevant way that you can only feel if the Buddha were physically with us today he would commenting in the same way on identical issues. A DO NOT MISS BLOG!

Ecological Buddhism – Sensible and well-balanced, this blog reports on the many positive things happening to combat global warming

Wild Fox Zen – A fox entirely at peace with his spirituality who also organizes open sesshin sessions (we were desperate to get that in) in Pittsburgh

The Reformed Buddhist –This has to be the most down-to-earth, funny and thoughtful Buddhism blog, by an “ordinary guy” who is a big fan of the Washington Caps (so not found peace yet!)

Big Old Oak Tree – An often amusing but always readable blog by a Zen priest trying to lead a “normal” life in Austin, TX

Zenducation – Optimistic blog which mixes social justice and tribal culture with Zen philosophy

Daily Buddhism – Not been “daily” for quite some time, but an excellent archive of podcasts

The Worst Horse – Excellent, often tongue-in-cheek  illustration of Buddhism in pop culture

Hardcore Zen – Aa guide to modern-day Buddhism from the author of “Sex, Sin and Zen”

Digital Zendo – Helpful advice for practicing Zen in the digital age and traveling “lighter”

Many Flakes, One Bowl –Personal and readable musings about practicing Buddhism in Denver

Monkey Mind – Reflections on religion, politics and culture with interesting “on this day” features

Zen Buddhism (Not so Light)

Through the Looking Glass – An interesting series of articles which include an impassioned plea for Americans not to “tinker” with traditional teachings to suit the 21st Century

Vincent Horn – One of the driving forces behind “Buddhist Geeks” and “Pragmatic Dharma” blogs about his own spirituality and helping others stay on the path

Sweep the Dust, Push the Dirt – Somber musings from a Buddhist practitioner who describes himself as in Buddhist purgatory

Moonpointer – The “Bhuddist Blog of Everyday Dharma” with a tendency towards Veganism

Slow Zen…Again – The pursuit of Zazen (private Zen meditation) when serving in the military

DQ’s Windmill –Bringing Buddha to the classroom and offering Zen inspiration to teachers

Open Buddha – Ex-Microsoft and Mozilla software engineer promotes “Open Source Bhuddha”

The Endless Further – The concept that the spiritual journey´s destination is just an illusion

Rev. Danny Fisher – The Rev. Danny Fisher posts news, music and spiritual messages of peace

Think Buddha – A philosopher publishes a rich supply of wayward thoughts on the Buddhist way

Jade Mountains – Rev. Mugo´s encouragement to persevere along your spiritual path

Dharma Forest – A sprinkling of music breaks up the thought provoking articles in “the Forest”

Paxicab’s Blog – Advice for helping people to meditate and reflect on the teachings of Buddha

Theravadic Buddhism

Dharma Thai – An interesting introduction to Buddhism, with meditation guides, details about the life of Buddha and how his teachings have developed into Buddhist Dhamma (“law”)

Jayarava’s Raves – Our author proposes that Western Buddhism is a collision between Buddhist enlightenment and European enlightenment. What do you think?

All About Buddhism – Many of the complexities within Buddhism explained in simple terms

Wandering Dhamma – One of very few female Buddhism blogs offers a fresh approach

Clarke Scott – Philosophy of the mind and cognitive science  from a Buddhist perspective

My Buddha is Pink – Does Theravadic Buddhism have a place for homosexuality? It does here!

What the Buddha Said – An extensive guide to the Buddha´s teachings in plain English

21awake- A blog focusing on the difficulties of practicing awakening in the 21st Century

Applied Buddhism – Interesting open discussions about applying Buddhism in American daily life

Truth is Within – Text, audio & video teachings by a Buddhist monk who “endures  life” with humor

Shin Buddhism

Echo of the Dharma – Bilingual blog (English/Japanese) discussing the popular teachings of master Shinran

Shin Ugly Blog – Older blog, yet a good resource, speaking plainly about the end of world suffering

Nichiren Buddhism

Nichiren Buddhism – The Nichiren Buddhist Association of America site has frequently updated content and invites readers to submit their own poems

Lotus Flower SGI – Singaporean site which focuses on Nichiren Buddhism in life, art and pop culture

Mind Body Spirit

Linda’s Yoga Journey – A no-holds-barred yoga-based blog which advocates that “real yoga” is your yoga. Passionate to the point of brutality, this is an honest and reflective mind/body/spirit blog

Luminous Heart – Using photography as a mediation in teachings to “heart-centered” women

Awake is Good – The creator of Buddha Chick is also a Retreat Leader with an interfaith focus

Musings – Recommended book lists for students of Buddhism – and not an Amazon link in sight!

Buddhism News Commentary Promotions

Digital Dharma – News and current events as perceived from a Buddhist perspective

Precious Metal – Zen commentary on world events includes many fascinating book reviews

American Buddhist – A lot of focus on events (sometimes joyous) in Nepal and Myanmar

Dhamma Musings – An interesting combination of random thoughts/musings on current events

The Jizo Chronicles – “Bodhisattvas in the Trenches” is the theme of this call to peaceful action

Sun Space – The blog pages of the leading Buddhist magazine – Shambala Sun – updated daily

Infinite Smile –Often more (self) promotion than content, this site organizes occasional meets

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