13 Hottest College Cheerleader Squads in America

2972965643_f466a621e8_zImage: Monica’s Dad

Cheerleaders. Oh Yeah! What would college sports be without them? Far too full of testosterone, that’s what. And not nearly abundant enough in ass-ertive females who know how to perform in front of crowds. Whether pulling off incredible stunts like flips and tosses, forming themselves into towering pyramids, or simply spurring the home team on until the noise is at fever pitch, cheerleaders rule. And, geez, they look hot in those outfits. We’ve cherry picked some of the sexiest from around the country; and while it was no easy task, we’ll be darned if we didn’t enjoy it any the less. Raise your pompoms and give it up for the 13 hottest college cheerleading squads in America.

13. University of North Carolina Tar Heels
hottieImage: newspaper_guy Mike Orazzi / www.mikeorazziphotography.com

She may look full of doubt, but this brunette beauty leaves no doubt in our mind that as well as having an alumni list of eventual NBA stars as long as your arm, the University of North Carolina also has some of the hottest cheerleaders. Period. That belly, those legs… don’t get us started. UNC’s mascot is Rameses, a Bighorn Ram often represented as a big furry animal played by an undergrad student linked with the cheerleading squad. To be a ram in a pen of sheep that look like this!

12. University of San Francisco Dons
5031436745_a80f099ced_zImage: Crooka

Backlit like an angel and hugged by a skin tight top, this smiling cheerleader from the University of San Francisco Dons squad is bringing it back home for the Bay Area. We just wish she was bringing us back home! While USF might not be the academic force of neighboring Berkeley, it has been a force in sporting terms – particularly in soccer. In basketball, too, it had its heyday in the ’70s – as well as a string of scandals. Still, cheerleaders who look as good as this are almost a scandal in themselves.

11. Oregon State Beavers
4108129486_9ea77c4954_zImage: McD22

The sheer awesomeness of this pic might be enough to make Oregon State’s girls the pick of the draft among cheerleading squads; it certainly gives new meaning to the name shared by the university’s sports teams – The Beavers. Inspiring the support of the hordes of orange-and-black clad fans, it’s honeys like these who give the Beaver Nation a good name. Spurred on by this quality of cheerleader, it’s no wonder so many of Oregon State’s athletes have gone on to make it in the pros.

10. Howard University
437672444_67414808b2_zImage: Kevin Coles

Washington D.C.’s Howard University may be a private, non-profit institution, but judging by the hotness of its cheerleading squad, we reckon that’s money well spent. Sure, Howard’s athletics team isn’t the best known; granted their logo is a rip off of the Buffalo Bills’ – but we’re willing to overlook those shortcomings and settle our eyes on the more than healthy strong points of its cheerleaders. “Why are the stands behind those chicks empty?” we wonder. Get behind this team!

9. University of Texas Longhorns
800px-UT_cheerleaders_San_Diego_2007-12-26Image: Johntex

UT’s athletics teams are called the Longhorns, and while this is obviously a reference to the steer that serves as the school’s mascot, I think we can all consider ourselves honorary Longhorns viewing this shot. UT is, of course, a powerhouse in football, baseball and basketball, where its record is second to none – but we’re not here to laud the school for it’s sporting clout… The crowd may be singing “Texas Fight”, but cheerleaders like this remind us we’re lovers not fighters. As a side note: why is that guy in the background frowning?

8. Jacksonville University Dolphins
464px-JU_CheerleadersImage: DeusXFlorida

Held aloft by her fellow cheerleaders, this babe is blessed with balance and beauty in equal measure – attributes enough to get Jacksonville University, whom she proudly represents, onto this list. JU’s athletics team, The Dolphins, is known for its track record of producing basketball pros in years gone by, including the great Artis Gilmore, but if the cheerleaders on the sidelines then looked anything like they do know, it’s no wonder a winning mentality was instilled in the guys slam dunking on court.

7. North Carolina Central Eagles
413048836_4da3a70f5a_zImage: Kevin Coles

North Carolina Central may not be one of the most well know universities, but what it lacks in renown, it makes up for with the hotness of its cheerleaders. Backed by a legion of fans who make no small amount of noise with their instruments and drums, these smoking hot girls raise spirit levels off the meter. Newly reappointed to Division 1 of the NCAA Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference, times have been tough for the Eagles of late, but spurred on by chicks like these, there’ll be no stopping them.

6. Loras College Duhawks
2998663488_21177597dd_zImage: SD Dirk

The blond on the left in this next photo may look a little concerned but she’s got nothing to worry about: she’s looking fine and is one of two reasons Loras College – a private Catholic university in Iowa with an attendance of less than 2,000 students – busts its way onto this list. Dressed in their school’s trademark gold and purple, the members of the Duhawks’ cheerleading squad look like they know how to get a crowd going – even if there aren’t that many spectators there. Go Duhawks!

5. University of Virginia Cavaliers
1849117781_80b3c554eb_bImage: terren in Virginia

Rousing the sea of orange-and-navy made up of the school’s partisan fans, the UVA cheerleaders do a sterling job by any standards – and with cute little honeys like this signed up, the squad is elevated to the level of excellence. In football, the Cavaliers are known for their recent high draft picks in the NFL; still, we’re not here to big up the jocks but to give it up for the babes who cheer them on – sending spectators into a frenzy! Look, this guy’s got the best view in the house! “Wah-hoo-wah!”

4. San Diego State Aztecs
4095020890_5ddf60af48_zImage: SD Dirk

This lithe line of endless possibilities is the cheerleading squad of San Diego State University, whose sports teams, The Aztecs, have produced no small number of eventual stars of the NFL and MLB – among them Joe Gibbs, Marshall Faulk and Tony Gwynn. Still, such high flying achievement is eclipsed in our minds by the dancing beauties before your eyes. We’d certainly pay for a front row seat if these foxes were part of the pre- let alone let post-match entertainment.

3. University of Oregon Ducks
1470521238_10bf695672_oImage: avinashkunnath

This is the second Oregon university to feature on our list – but with chicks like this bunch getting excited for the camera, who’s counting? Competitive cheerleading is taken seriously at the University of Oregon – and they certainly compete seriously in the hotness stakes. The ‘Ducks’ sporting rivalry with the Oregon State Beavers is fierce enough to have been dubbed the Civil War, but if there’s one battle we wouldn’t mind witnessing, it’d be a heated skirmish between those two cheerleading squads.

2. USC Song Girls
3978749787_4726c5b761_zImage: Monica’s Dad

It may seem tough on LA’s other big university to live in the shadow of local rival UCLA in terms of overall sporting results, but with hotties like this showing off their skills, and über-fine bodies, in the cheerleading squad, second place is no disgrace at all – if it’s really second place at all. And, while the Song Girls may not perform the stunts or acrobatics of other college cheer teams, or the lead chants of USC’s own Spirit Leaders, we hear what they lack in show they make up for in go.

1. UCLA Bruins
2974007951_06a8cd1652_zImage: Monica’s Dad

Oh, UCLA, where do we start? The most popular university in the US in terms of the number of applicants, and with chicks likes these cheering on the sports teams of the UCLA Bruins, is it any wonder? Check them out! Clad in their classic true blue and gold colors, these babes are sha-mokin’ hot – blond, brunette, it makes no odds. We’re willing to wager UCLA’s pack-leading record of 106 NCAA team and127 national team championships is down to the support of honeys like these!

  1. Jill Butts March 17, 2011

    I attended Loras College and I am a proud Duhawk graduate. How did my small school make it to this prestigious list? I am humbly honored, but would like to thank whomever nominated the Loras Duhawk cheerleading team. Thanks, Jill

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  2. Concerned December 25, 2011

    I’d just like to add that several of these teams are not the college’s official cheerleaders- they’re the dance teams. They may have pom poms and be at the games, but that does not make them cheerleaders, therefore they do not belong on a list of hottest cheerleading squads.

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