10 Ways Kim Kardashian Can Become the Next Liz Taylor

Kim Kardashian's high-profile divorce to New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries has gotten a lot of people talking and even comparing the celebrity socialite to legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor. Kim has spoken publicly about her adoration for the late actress and was ironically the last person to interview Taylor before she died in March. The two buxom beauties have grabbed the attention of millions of people around the world and won the hearts of many men. With husband No. 2 on the outs and beginning a film career, Kim Kardashian is getting closer to becoming the next Liz Taylor, but these 10 tips will help her channel her inner Cleopatra.

  1. Marry six more times

    If Kim wants to follow in the footsteps of Liz Taylor, she's going to have to marry at least six more times. Taylor was the quintessential movie star who stole the hearts of many men. Although Kim is six husbands behind Liz, she has followed a similar pattern of falling for guys one after the other. Kardashian has an impressive track record of ex-boyfriends, including professional athletes, one model and one R&B singer. The problem is that she doesn't date most of these guys long enough to make them husbands.

  2. Remarry Kris Humphries

    In true Elizabeth Taylor fashion, Kim should remarry husband No. 2 and divorce him for a second time. Taylor had many husbands, but only one was lucky enough to marry her twice. She and Richard Burton were married for 10 years before divorcing and remarried 16 months later, only to separate and divorce again the following year. Kim could very well do the same thing with Kris Humphries, and shock the public even more than her current 72-day split.

  3. Acquire more jewels

    If Kim wants to become the next Elizabeth Taylor, she's going to need a few more big jewels. She even said so in her interview with Elizabeth Taylor in the February issue of Harper's Bazaar. Kardashian opened the interview by saying, "You are my idol. But I'm six husbands and some big jewels behind. What should I do?" The wealthy socialite has plenty of stones in her name, most notably the massive $2 million, 20.5-carat engagement ring and diamond bracelet Kris Humphries gave her.

  4. Champion a charitable cause

    Elizabeth Taylor was a humanitarian who famously championed HIV and AIDS programs. She co-founded the American Foundation for AIDS Research and the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. Her advocacy efforts are projects have helped raise more than $270 million for HIV/AIDS research. Kim has also supported a few charitable causes of her own, including the Give a Damn campaign to end discrimination against the LGBT community, and she has recognized the Armenian Genocide and encouraged the United States government to acknowledge it as well. To mirror Taylor's activism, Kim should consider championing a cause of her own that she can devote a great deal of time and funding to.

  5. Become a serious actress

    Kim has to step up her acting if she ever wants to reach the likes of Liz Taylor. And we're not talking about another reality TV show or shaking her booty in a music video. It's unlikely that Kardashian will ever be an esteemed actress like Liz Taylor, but she could benefit from taking on more acting jobs after finishing her first role in Tyler Perry's next film, The Marriage Counselor.

  1. Act classier

    Kim could use a lesson on how to be a classier lady. The 31-year-old socialite has had some not-so-ladylike moments during her career, like making a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend, posing nude for Playboy, and publicly criticizing Michelle Obama's style. Although Taylor has had her fair share of love scenes in films and even posed nude in a photograph for her ex-husband, she stayed out of trouble and carried herself like a lady.

  2. Drop the ego

    Liz Taylor might have been a mega movie star, but she didn't have an ego that you would expect from someone of her stature. Taylor was known for being humble and not catty toward other actresses. If Kim wants to be more like her idol, she should drop the ego and try to be a little more humble. As part of her Taylor transformation, she could start by cutting back on the self-branding and stepping out of the spotlight for a change.

  3. Live a more private life

    Despite the fame and the public's fascination with Elizabeth Taylor, she managed to remain a very private person. Taylor's relationships and personal life always caught the attention of the public eye, but she kept a great deal of information under lock and key. Kim, however, has not maintained a very private life. The attention-seeking Kardashian clan is constantly in the tabloids and their handful of reality shows doesn't help the matter. If Kim wants to model her life after her idol, she's going to have to be less visible and open about her personal life. And that may mean getting off Twitter and giving fewer interviews with Ryan Seacrest.

  4. Convert to Judaism (or another religion)

    Elizabeth Taylor made a very public religious conversion from Christian Science to Judaism in 1959. Taylor said she converted as a personal choice and not for marriage. The actress chose Judaism because she felt Catholicism and Christian Science did not address her life and death questions. Kardashian is a Christian, but if she's going to be like Liz Taylor, she may want consider making a bold religion conversion to shock Hollywood.

  5. Become known for something other than your assets

    Kim is the daughter of famous attorney Robert Kardashian, but she is best known for her sex tape that leaked. However, it's Kim's well-endowed backside that has made her so famous. Even though Liz Taylor was also known for her voluptuous body and beautiful face, she had a huge amount of talent to back up her place in Hollywood. In addition to acting classier, Kim could also benefit from putting less emphasis on her famous asset and showing more of her talented, business-savvy side.

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