10 Things Every Single Guy Should Buy for His Bathroom

Men, especially single men, are generally not known for keeping the bathroom in their home clean and guest-friendly. But gentlemen, if you have guests, especially female guests — do not kid yourself! Your bathroom is going to be inspected. Not white glove inspected, but given a once over as if this single, stinky room could possibly provide information as to your relative competence as a potential mate and bread winner. Sound sexist? Well, it is. But look at it this way; when someone visits your home, don't you want to be a good host? Here are 10 things every single guy should buy for his bathroom. You'll thank us later.

  1. Toilet paper

    Nothing is more awkward for a guest than using the facilities and, after it's too late, discovering that there is no toilet paper. And no, the Kleenex box, assuming you have one, is not an option in this situation. So double up, even triple up when you buy rolls of toilet paper. You save money anyway when you buy in bulk. Stay away from the thin, barely tangible stuff as well as the overpriced pillow-y quilt-y brands. And hang the roll so that it dispenses over the top. Add a toilet paper dispenser to your list if necessary.

  2. A bathroom rug

    You've heard that expression (perhaps thanks to The Big Lebowski), "It really tied the room together"? That's what a rug does, especially a bathroom rug. What's more, a bathroom rug will prevent you from slipping on a wet floor when you get out of the shower and cracking your skull on the edge of the tub or sink. Buy a thick one with a rubber bottom so it clings to the floor. Dark colors are always good. And remember to wash it once a week.

  3. Cotton balls

    When men suffer injuries, like for instance cutting their thumb on a beer can tab, they grunt, squeeze the venom out from the wound, maybe pour a little beer over it, and move on with their day. However your guests, be they male or female, may want to take care of small cuts in a more civilized and hygienic manner. Cotton balls and hydrogen peroxide are just what the doctor ordered if your cute kitty decides she doesn't like your date and gives her a nice scratch on her arm. Add a box of band-aids to your bathroom stock and you can start collecting co-pays from your guests.

  4. Air freshener

    But for crying out loud, don't buy Lysol. Instead, try to find something eco-friendly, not hazardous if breathed by humans, and packaged in a cool-looking bottle that's identifies itself for what it is without screaming its purpose. Place on top of the toilet for easy access.

  5. A small trash can

    Because not everything can nor should be flushed down the toilet. A trash can with a lid will cut down on smells, mess, and expensive visits from the plumber to unclog your toilet. A metal can will get wet and possibly rust, so don't spend and arm and a leg it. Just buy something simple that gets the job done. Bonus points if you take time to either buy small trash bags or recycle your plastic grocery bags to line the can. Don't forget to empty your little trash can regularly to prevent it from overflowing onto your new bathroom rug.

  6. Hand soap

    You've seen the sign that reads, "Employees must wash their hands before returning to work." Well, you should too, as should anyone who ends up using your bathroom. But blasting water on your hands and then wiping them off your pants is not sufficient or classy. And a bar of soap slowly disintegrating into a pool of scummy residue is not only gross, it will probably slip out of your hands onto your new bathroom rug (Don't forget to buy that bathroom rug!). Hand soap, either a bar in its own dish or liquid in a dispenser, is another must-buy for your bathroom. A small hand towel hanging on its own rack, no on the inside doorknob of the bathroom door, will be much appreciated by your guests.

  7. Bathtub mat

    Not to be confused with the bathroom rug. A bathtub mat is not only hygienic, it should prevent you and your guests from slipping and breaking a bone or two in the shower. You can go with a boring, but functional self-adhesive bathmat, or something fancier from your neighborhood Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Make sure to clean it occasionally to prevent the build up of mildew.

  8. Candle

    This is where personal taste, messaging, and your propensity to accidentally set your house on fire comes in. A candle in some area of the bathroom where it can be lit without scorching your towels sends the message that you consider bathing to be a relaxing, sensuous experience. If you yourself install the shelving in your bathroom for the candle, you'll get bonus points from guests for being handy as well as sensitive. It's your call, guys.

  9. Shower liner

    A shower liner correctly sized for the tub will go a long way toward keeping the bathroom dry and clean. If your bathroom is tiny, buy a clear plastic liner so you and your guests won't feel so claustrophobic. Most liners can be cleaned in the washing machine safely, so there's no excuse for letting one hang there until green and black mold and mildew transforms it into a bio-health hazard. To keep water off the floor, the liner needs to hang inside the tub. Buy a shower curtain if you want to get fancy.

  10. At least one piece of art

    In such a functional environment, it's nice to include an object or image that might, in some mysterious way, compliment the task at hand and break up the relative monotony of single-life in the bathroom. Here is a purchase that will require you exercise some style and creativity. Whether your artistic choice is edgy or conservative, remember — whoever else goes in your bathroom is more than likely to comment on it.

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