10 Reasons You Should Quit Whining About Facebook Timeline

Many people have already jumped on board the new Facebook Timeline layout, either because they love to be on the forefront of Facebook technology or because they were afraid they'd get left behind in the social media dust. But many late adopters are waiting until they're forced to switch over, a change that Facebook has announced is coming for everyone in the next few weeks whether you like it or not. For people who love Facebook and hate change, this transition will undoubtedly come with a lot of complaining and threats to leave the site for good. If you're afraid Timeline is going to ruin your online life, calm yourself down and read these reasons the new layout is nothing to whine about.

  1. There are worse things going on in the world

    Sure, the crises around the world may not affect you as directly as a change to your favorite social media site, but there are bigger things than your old profile that you should petition for. Syria's close to war, the euro zone is falling deeper into debt, and natural disasters seem to be happening every day. And let's not forget that the world is supposed to end in December. Sure, we all hate perspective, but when it comes to something as meaningless as Facebook updates, we probably need it.

  2. People adapt to new interfaces all the time

    You're probably happy about the technological advances developers and engineers have made in the past several decades. And changes to the user interface are just part of the process of moving forward. In fact, most of the time, they make your life easier once you adjust. Many sites and programs that you use constantly have changed and you've survived — Google and Yahoo! search, email servers like G-mail, Windows and Mac operating systems, iTunes, and Twitter to name just a handful. In all likelihood, you can't remember the old interface or how you lived without the one you use now.

  3. You've learned to use "new" Facebook before

    Remember that time Facebook changed so much that you couldn't figure out how to use it? Unless you're 80 years old and don't know how to use computers very well, that time hasn't come yet. While it's an annoyance to find the rearranged features, all of us eventually get used to them and settle back into our daily routines of checking our News Feed every 12 minutes. If you need a reminder about these non-life-altering design changes, think back to 2006 when there was no News Feed, 2008 when Mark Zuckerberg separated features into tabs, 2009 when status updates overwhelmed our home page, and 2010 when we got that nifty strip of photos at the top of our profile page. We'll grow accustomed to this one in time, too.

  4. You have a chance to get used to it before you embarrass yourself

    A change on Facebook, where you're connected to everyone you've ever met, can be scary. The chances of you humiliating yourself as you get used to the new format and click on the wrong things are very high. Luckily, though, Facebook is trying to avoid those horror stories of you accidentally broadcasting inappropriate details of your latest rash or sexual encounter, and they've given everyone a seven-day window to get your Timeline looking like you want it.

  5. It's nostalgic

    The world got a glimpse of Facebook's nostalgia factor when they introduced the "See friendship" option a couple years ago. You could suddenly see all the Facebook interactions between you and a friend since the beginning of your cyber relationship. Facebook Timeline just expands that idea. Now you can look back on specific years of your life, seeing the jobs you started, photos that were uploaded then, and who you became friends with. You can also add major life events to your life's timeline, as serious as a death or as mundane as when you got glasses. Creating yours and looking through old posts will certainly bring back some warm, fuzzy feelings. It's no wonder it was called "Facebook Memories" when it was accidentally released for a hot minute in 2010 before being taken down quickly.

  1. You have more control

    Before Timeline, you didn't have much say over how your wall posts and latest activities were displayed. They basically sat on your wall in the order they were posted. Now you can choose what posts are highlighted, with the ability to resize them based on importance (or how pretty or funny they are, if that's how you roll). You can also easily look at every post and activity you've done since you first joined the site by clicking on the activity log, so you can edit out anything embarrassing you did in your college days … or at least choose which groups of people can see it. Your mom and employer don't necessarily need to read the wall posts where you and a friend made plans to create a gravity bong out of a milk jug. You can choose which stories are displayed and how people see them, which gives you a second chance to make smarter Facebook decisions.

  2. It makes stalking easier

    If you've made it past the first level of privacy settings on a person's profile, you have information laid out conveniently for your stalking pleasure. Thinking of getting into a new relationship? Check out the dude's history with girlfriends (if they weren't Facebook official, they really didn't count anyway). Look for any red flags in each year of his life. Find out where he was born. These facts will come in handy on dates, or when deciding to refuse dates. You'll also get much more personal information than you did before if the person is fully taking advantage of Timeline and adding in photos and events from the pre-Facebook years.

  3. It's perfect for over-sharers

    On the opposite end of the spectrum from the stalker is the over-sharer. You love divulging intimate details of your life and see Facebook as the perfect outlet for your narcissistic tendencies. Timeline is going to make your life even easier. Not only can you tell the world exactly when you got each piercing, first kiss, or started new eating habits through the Life Events feature, you can also use the Apps section to let people follow what movies you're watching, music you're listening to, and what ingredients they're frying up at the moment.

  4. You'll seem more worldly than you are

    One new, fun feature of the Timeline is Maps, which automatically shows you the places you've been if you have any photos with the location tagged. The even greater part is that you can go back and add the location to photos of yourself (or choose not to) or just add places you've been so that you'll look like a world traveler. Your map will start to fill out with pinpoints of your trips and you'll have another way to view your photos and memories, by location rather than time.

  5. You're never actually going to leave Facebook

    Fine, you don't like Timeline. But are you ever going to follow through on your threats to leave Facebook? Probably not. Even if you really hate the new layout and decide to stop checking in on your friends as often as before, Facebook has become a way of getting things done. Many sites only let you leave comments or quickly create accounts by using your Facebook (OK, or Twitter) profile. You can share large numbers of photos easily and quickly through a Facebook album, especially when compared to a photo-filled email to your friends, as well as see other people's pictures that you otherwise wouldn't have access to. The convenience of Facebook outweighs your hatred of Timeline so let's all just agree to suck it up this time and give Timeline a chance.

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