10 Reasons Non-Sports Fans Should Care About Jeremy Lin

There's another game tonight, and it's Linsanity out there. Everyone's punning talking about New York Knicks superstar point guard Jeremy Lin. The 23-year-old phenom is breaking records and providing a fresh face, and much needed positive press, to the NBA. He came out of nowhere — not drafted, cut from two teams, simply hired to fill a roster — and now he's the new face of basketball. Even if you're not a sports fan, do yourself a favor and learn his Lincredible story. Check out these 10 reasons that you should check out Jeremy Lin.

  1. He's clogging up your Twitter feed

    Join the conversation, people. This guy is generating tons of Linternet buzz, and you don't want to be the last to understand it. Maintain relevance across social media platforms by Lincreasing your pop culture literacy, or risk being annoyed by reading thousands of status updates about a superstar that you don't know from Adam.

  2. You're a fan of Spike Lee

    It's no secret: Spike Lee loves the New York Knicks. And, as such, he loves Jeremy Lin. The accomplished director has been a vocal advocate of Lin from his first start as a Knickerbocker — jokingly thanking past coaches for passing him up, ragging on Lin's early haters, and generally being a laudatory voice for the talented Mr. Jeremy, who Lee gave the Knick-name "Point God."

  3. He's a record-breaking, awe-Linspiring athlete

    No small feats for the 6'3" Knickerbocker, all he does is Lin, er, win. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to showcase his talents, he launched himself to the front and center of the sports world stage as a result of his mega debut. And there's good reason: after just five starts for the Knicks, the point guard has become the first hoopster in NBA history to score more than 20 points and have seven assists per game (in terms of career starts). While sleeping on teammates' and family's couches, Lin has scored 136 points in his first five career starts — more than any player since the NBA-ABA merger of 1976. Additionally, after starting six games — all wins for the Knicks — the Harvard graduate averaged 26.8 points and 8.5 assists per game. Not only does he have innate talent, but years of discipLin, focus, and hard, hard work speak volumes of the young athlete.

  4. He's a true American

    With his meteoric rise, Lin has awarded America another opportunity to celebrate its status as the true melting pot of the world — the young point guard is the first American-born NBA player in history to be of Taiwanese or Chinese descent. Also a devout Christian and a Harvard graduate (and the first Harvard grad in the NBA in six decades), Lin ranks among precious few Ivy Leaguers in the league, and is one of only four Asian-Americans in the NBA, ever. He's breaking records, barriers, and stereotypes. He's also reportedly the reason that several major Asian television networks are now going to broadcast Knicks games for the world to see. How can you not be Linterested?

  5. He's actually worth all the hype

    Crass boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. recently tweeted that, "Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise." Sorry, Floyd. You are decidedly Lincorrect. He was undrafted. He's a Harvard graduate. He's leading a seemingly unstoppable winning streak for a huge sports city on a team that was riddled with injuries and largely written off for the year. He's shattering records. No one of any race has done what he's done, ever. He was an afterthought that became a superstar, and he's a more-than-decent role model. Ever humble and clearly a team player, look forward to lots more Linsanity. And he just scored his first Sports Illustrated cover.

  6. He ruined your Valentine's Day

    If you're one of the unlucky ones, you were sitting at a candlelit dining room table, dressed to the nines. While the wax melted and you let that wine breathe a little too long, you heard jubilant screams coming from the other room. Instead of feeling neglected and rejected, please realize that you were hanging out in front of some boring lobster bisque or whatever while sports history was being made. And what a game it was! In the VaLINtine's Day Massacre, the 23-year-old baller tied an intense Knicks-Raptors game in Toronto with just 1:05 left on the clock. And, with five 100ths of a second left on the clock, Lin sunk a huge three, won the game, and set a freakishly high early standard for 2012's Play of the Year. Truly the stuff of sports legend.

  7. He makes you feel good

    In a sports culture filled with flashy egomaniacs wearing jewelry and driving $200,000 sports cars, this humble kid who crashes on friends' couches (until recently), studied hard in school, and gives it up for God should serve as a positive reminder of the magic of athletics. His sweet smile and impressive story are a breath of fresh air — especially after the rocky start of the NBA's season due to player strikes over money. Everyone should be happy that this kid is in the spotlight.

  8. You're also a Harvard alum/devout Christian/Asian-American/nice guy/under-appreciated talent

    Nice guys don't always finish last — especially if they're immensely relatable to the American public on almost every level. At the rate that he's going, he's likely to have higher approval ratings than things like "clean water" and "public parks" any day now. And with his untarnished image, maybe the point guard should run for office instead of to the basket. Whatever niche you occupy, Lin remains relevant and likeable.

  9. You love New York

    Sports Illustrated editor Terry McDonell says of the phenom, "Jeremy Lin has done more in these past five games to captivate a fan base than any player in NBA history — and not just with his historic statistics. Look at what's going on in this city." Whether it's the Knicks, the Yankees, the Mets, Fashion Week, the Statue of Liberty, or simply the fact that it's an alluring and gigantic world city, if you just can't get out of that Empire State of mind, you've got to love Jeremy Lin. His clean-cut popularity is good for the Big Apple, as are his skills and finesse, and it's genuinely pleasing to see a good kid get a big break in one of the largest media markets in the country.

  10. Puns

    The possibilities are Lindless — and it goes something like this: If you're Linclined to believe that Linsanity is Linsatiable, the Linternet buzz about the new basketball star with a Linderella story and an easily punned name Lindubitably Lincreases the likelihood that you've heard Lincessant jokes about Jeremy Lin. The Linherently taLinted point guard Linhabited his friends' couches before his Linfamous record-breaking run of starts. The focus of many a Lintense moment, Lin doesn't disappoint when Linjected into gameplay. Linspiring Linterest into basketball when the sport was at a low point, he's sure to get pLinty of Linquiries about Lindorsements. If you're a Lin Linsider, Linvoke your Linsanity — because this NBA season is only going to get more Linteresting.

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