10 Gifts No One Wants for Christmas

We know that Christmas is a time for giving, not receiving, but that doesn't mean that any old gift will cut it. The cash strapped and clueless may be doomed to give bad gifts, but that doesn't mean you have to become a repeat offender. Here are 10 gifts no one wants for Christmas:

  1. Fountain pen

    Nothing screams boring more than a fountain pen at Christmas. Sure, they are practical and look nice on a desk, but who really needs another pen? Unless you're dealing with an avid fountain pen collector, you might want to put your money toward something else this Christmas.

  2. Snuggie

    Snuggies seem to be the one gift no one really asks for, but always ends up getting for Christmas. These blankets with sleeves are downright ridiculous, and if you really like someone, you won't get them or their dog a Snuggie.

  3. Socks

    Getting socks for Christmas really stinks. It doesn't matter if they're toe socks, leg warmers, knee high, or no-show — socks are a pretty lame gift to get when you're hoping for an iPad.

  4. Tie

    Let's face it — fathers are tired of ties, especially the corny Christmas ones they can only wear once a year. This cliché go-to gift for Dad doesn't require much thought and chances are he could use a nice dress shirt or even (gasp) socks.

  5. Anything from "As Seen on TV"

    It's safe to assume that anything from the "As Seen on TV" section is a gag gift. From the magical Flex Seal to the infamous Bump It, the "As Seen on TV" items are a hoot, but don't try to pass these off as real presents if you want to stay on everyone's good side.

  6. Workout video

    Giving someone workout videos for Christmas could be a death sentence. Unless they specifically asked for workout videos, no one really wants to open up Buns of Steel or P90X DVDs while enjoying their Christmas eggnog. Save yourself the trouble and go with the Planet Earth series or the Madden video game instead.

  7. Homemade coupons

    Homemade coupons for foot rubs or housework are nice in theory, but most people would probably prefer a real gift that doesn't come with an expiration date. Resist the temptation to go cheap and leave the free car wash and big hug coupons to the kids.

  8. Personal artwork

    Unless you're a professional artist or under the age of 12, it's best to keep personal artwork on the wall and not under the Christmas tree. If your friends and family are genuinely interested in your work, wait until you see the money.

  9. Monogrammed branding iron

    Even the biggest barbecue enthusiasts don't really need (or want) a monogrammed branding iron. A true grill master can differentiate their steak from the next, and they don't need a silly brander to do it. Instead, go with a personalized apron, or better yet, a nice, new set of grilling tools.

  10. Recycled gifts

    Regifting is one of those holiday no-nos that everyone has committed at some point in their life, but it's definitely not something you should make a habit of. Everyone knows that times are tough and money is tight around the holidays, but giving away that hideous scarf or pre-read novel will come with some snarls.

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