10 Favorite Vacation Spots of the Stars

They're rich! They're famous! They're beautiful! And boy, do they need a vacation! So where do the stars go to chill out? Here are 10 hot spots that you can consider for your own holiday or make a note to avoid.


  1. Ibiza, Spain

    Ever wonder why some men are paid thousands of dollars a night to … play records? Maybe you can get an answer next time you're on the Spanish island of Ibiza hitting its famous clubs, clubs, and more clubs usually crammed to fire-code capacity with famous and not-so-famous party people. The Spanish Tourist Board desperately wants to promote the island as a destination for families. Good luck!

  2. Island of St. Barts

    The strangely titled website "St. Barths (sic) Online" describes the ideal island visitor as "Classical Wealthy Americans … They don't make a mess, they are always friendly and polite, and they are not intimidated by extravagant prices." So all you poor people, when visiting St. Barts, make sure to keep yourself scarce, mm-kay?

  3. Paris

    "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?" If you can at least say that then you're ready to head to Paris, France! Home to the Eiffel Tower, designer boutiques, and Disneyland Paris – the most popular tourist attraction in Europe! U-S-A! U-S-A!

  4. New York City

    During her NYC visit, reality TV star Sarah Palin famously had a slice of chain restaurant pizza with reality TV star Donald Trump. Surrounded by cameras, this photo-op disguised as a "real New York" experience is an anomaly in a city whose citizenry could give a flying flip whether you are famous or not. Stars get punched in the face, passed up by cabs, and occasionally much worse. So why do they come? We guess because it's a great place to deflate a much-inflated ego. Why non-famous people choose to live in New York City is anybody's guess.

  5. The Côte d'Azur aka the French Riviera

    One of the first-ever modern resorts, this destination is located along the extent of the Mediterranean coastline of southern France. The Riviera city of Cannes hosts the famous annual film festival (the most obvious spot for celebrity gawking) while neighboring Nice hosts a spectacular jazz festival.

  6. The Bahamas

    Consisting of 29 islands north of Cuba, south of Florida, "the Bahamas" is practically a euphemism for any place one can imagine as being sunnier and more relaxing than wherever you are now. Oprah Winfrey, Johnny Depp, and Colombian's most famous export Shakira (second only to Juan Valdez) each own a home in the Bahamas, although you'll have to do some digging to figure out exactly where they live. And of course suffer a security beatdown when you try to visit. Dec. 26 through Jan. 1 you can witness the Junkanoo festival, celebrated by the locals to commemorate the island's freedom from slavery.

  7. Rome

    There are plenty of things to do in Rome for just 10 bucks, but if money isn't an issue, chances are this is one of your favorite places to vacation. It's where the young and beautiful go to honeymoon while preparing for their inevitable divorce.

  8. New Orleans

    The history and culture of this city is most likely lost on the stars who visit hoping only to drink and drug themselves into oblivion. Fortunately for non-famous visitors, such decadence is usually contained to two or three streets in the French Quarter, leaving the rest of the city relatively vomit-free.

  9. Miami

    The former stomping ground of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack has lost none of its glamour and allure and is probably the only place where a man can wear white Capri pants, a pink sleeveless tank top, and sandals, and be considered fashionable.

  10. Home to Mom and Dad

    Where does Lady Gaga go when the pressure of being famous gets to be too much and she needs a break? Back home to the apartment on New York's Upper West Side where she grew up, which is still owned by her proudly supportive Mom and Dad. "I'm in hotels all the time," Gaga recently told Vanity Fair. "When I can, I'd much rather spend the time with my parents." And perhaps there's something healthy about being a famous adult and having your parents ask you to please clean your room and take out the trash.

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