10 Celebrities Whose Deaths Were Tragically Predictable

Not all celebrity deaths are cursed by drugs and alcohol, violence or mental illness; plenty of them happen naturally and without warning. But even in unexpected deaths, there are almost always signs and patterns that present trouble ahead. For instance, the recent death of British singer Amy Winehouse may or may not have been caused by her drug and alcohol addiction, but it certainly had an impact on her physical and mental well-being, which may also be to blame. We may never fully understand why James Dean died at the ripe age of 24 or why Marilyn Monroe overdosed on sleeping pills, but we do know that these specific celebrity deaths were tragically predictable.

  1. Amy Winehouse

    British singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse was found dead at her London home on July 23, 2011. She was only 27. Winehouse's death is being treated as unexplained, but considering the self-destructive path she led for years, some may have seen this coming all along. Winehouse was a troubled young woman whose career was often overshadowed by her battle with drugs and alcohol. The soulful singer, known for her signature beehive hairdo and winged eyeliner, was also suffering from manic depression and admitted to having an eating disorder and to self-mutilating. And even though she sang about not wanting to go to rehab, the singer did enroll a few times, but never completed a full program.

  2. Chris Farley

    Comedian Chris Farley was found dead in his Chicago apartment on Dec. 18, 1998. The 33-year-old had been partying out of control up until his death, abusing countless drugs and drinking to excess. The autopsy showed Farley had accidentally overdosed on cocaine and morphine and suffered from coronary arthrosclerosis, all of which contributed to his tragic death. Sadly, the funnyman was no stranger to drug and alcohol addiction. His obesity problems and party boy ways only got worse as his career got bigger. Farley had been to rehab a dozen times, hoping to get sober, but the brilliant comedian could never kick his bad habits for good.

  3. Kurt Cobain

    Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain committed suicide by shooting himself in the head on April 5, 1994. The 27-year-old had a high concentration of heroin and Valium in his body at the time of his death. The grunge legend's death was shocking, but not entirely unexpected, considering his self-destructive lifestyle and behavior. Cobain had been battling heroin addiction for years and suffered from depression. He also suffered from chronic stomach pain from an undiagnosed condition that became emotionally and physically debilitating to the young singer. However, the biggest warning signs came when Cobain tried to kill himself by overdosing on Rohypnol and champagne and locked himself in a room with a gun on a separate occasion.

  4. Jim Morrison

    On July 3, 1971, rock legend Jim Morrison was found dead in a Paris apartment bathtub from what was thought to be natural causes. There remains a great deal of uncertainty surrounding Morrison's death, especially because no autopsy was performed. A more recent theory is that Morrison died of a heroin overdose while in a toilet stall at a Paris nightclub, and was taken back to the apartment where his girlfriend found his body. Regardless of how he died, we know that The Doors frontman was known for abusing drugs and alcohol, and his wild lifestyle managed to catch up with him.

  5. Janis Joplin

    Janis Joplin died on Oct. 5, 1970 from a heroin overdose. She was 27 years old. It was believed that Joplin was accidentally given uncut heroin by her dealer that proved to be far stronger than normal. However, Joplin's tragic death was not entirely unexpected. The troubled soul singer was addicted to heroin and was allegedly injecting hundreds of dollars worth of heroin every day. Joplin was also an avid drinker and often used psychoactive drugs. There's no doubt that Joplin's drug habit got the best of her and took her away too soon.

  6. Elvis Presley

    Elvis Presley was found dead on the floor of his bathroom on Aug. 16, 1977, after an alleged prescription drug overdose. The King of Rock and Roll initially used prescription drugs to help him sleep, but eventually became addicted. Although the primary cause of Presley's death has never been well understood, there were several factors that made his death tragically predictable. In the years years preceding his death, Elvis overdosed on barbiturates twice and had to be hospitalized for his addiction and declining health.

  7. Jimi Hendrix

    The exact cause of Jimi Hendrix's death remains one of rock and roll's biggest mysteries. According to the autopsy, Hendrix died on Sept. 18, 1970 after choking on his own vomit. However, his then-girlfriend testified that Hendrix had actually taken nine of her prescription sleeping pills and died in his sleep. Regardless of how the legendary guitarist died, we do know that Hendrix regularly abused drugs and alcohol. The 27-year-old was widely known for using LSD and other psychedelic drugs. Hendrix's wild lifestyle and often erratic behavior got the best of him at a very young age.

  8. John Candy

    Canadian actor John Candy suffered a heart attack and died in his sleep on March 4, 1994. The death of such a genial, well-liked actor left many heartbroken, but not necessarily stunned. Candy was obese and had struggled with his weight for most of his adult life. The actor weighed about 330 pounds and often smoked a pack of cigarettes a day. He didn't lead a very healthy life, and although he reportedly began making some lifestyle changes in his final year, they didn't come soon enough.

  9. Karen Carpenter

    The lead singer of The Carpenters, Karen Carpenter, died from heart failure after an eight-year battle with anorexia nervosa. At the time of her death, 32-year-old Carpenter weighed 110 pounds and appeared to be healthier than her previous 80-pound self, but the eating disorder had taken an inevitable toll on her body. Although she was very young and her death was rather sudden, it wasn't completely unpredictable. Carpenter's chronic disease greatly damaged her body and put a lot of strain on her heart, which proved to be the breaking point.

  10. Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 from acute propofol intoxication. Jackson was given the powerful anesthetic by his personal physician to help him sleep. Although there is a great deal of speculation behind Jackson's death and Dr. Conrad Murray's intent, there are several factors that made his end tragically predictable. The King of Pop was severely underweight and visibly weak, often seen in a wheelchair and wearing a surgical mask. His health had deteriorated significantly and he had been battling respiratory bronchiolitis and chronic lung inflammation. The pop star's previous battle with prescription drug addiction, countless cosmetic procedures and diet may have all played a key role in his sudden death.

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